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Py Selenium • Beginners Tutorial for Python Selenium
Py Selenium • Beginners Tutorial for Python Selenium

Python has a vast store of really useful libraries and modules. As a result, Python is highly growing in the list of top programming languages. Python provides different libraries for web scraping such as Scrapy, Requests, Beautiful Soup 4, lxml and Py Selenium. Therefore, I thought why not an article about Python Web Scraping using... » read more

[Solved] Google Chrome closes after few seconds • Chrome closes itself automatically
[Solved] Google Chrome closes after few seconds • Chrome closes itself automatically

The issue of closing Google Chrome closes itself automatically and immediately is too much frustrating. Here’s the solution of Google Chrome exiting automatically. Types of error of Chrome being closed automatically nacl_helper_linux.cc error Sandbox chrome error in Linux Configure SUID sandbox error SUID sandbox helper binary was found Chrome Error Running without a sandbox Chrome... » read more

The Stepwise Guide to Turn Failure into Success

Failure Is Part of Success: Eduardo Zanatta at TEDxBYU Failure, being unexpected mostly, puts you in a traumatic state. Most people don’t know how to function in such a state. In the very first place, one should always consider failure as an option. According to research, 70% of the decisions we make are wrong. Consequently,... » read more

Here Is How Kindness Leads To Success

The Science of Kindness Blaise Pascal is known to have said “Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much.” We all know endless movies where the good guy starts off with an obstacle and has to find a way to rise to the challenge. And there is a reason why we have been... » read more

10 Reasons Why Positivity Is A Superpower

The Power of Positivity | Brain Games ‘Be positive, the sun is going to rise tomorrow’ Statements like these are pretty common, generic to say the least. Positivity is an irrefutable trait indeed. One who can be positive even in the most challenging times overrides success. So, stay positive! That sounded way too easy to... » read more

How to Have a Fantastic Personal Growth with Minimal Spending

8 Simple Self Improvement Principles Growth is a crucial part of human progress and advancement. You gradually become better at what you do. As you advance, there are milestones you achieve in the process. In a broader term, personal growth simply means self-improvement. It involves making your situation better by acquiring new skills, knowledge, and... » read more

7 Reasons Why You are a Rookie in Time Management

15 Tips To Manage Your Time Better Time management skills can be acquired. You need to be disciplined to organize and plan your activities well. Proper time management is necessary if you want to be effective and accomplish more tasks. When you are under extreme time pressure, you have to schedule and prioritize activities. There... » read more

How to Use the Power of Imagination to Create the Big Magic

Develop Your Imagination Nature is kind enough to have blessed each individual with one secret weapon. The hidden power to think beyond the normal.Unfortunately, many people don’t use this ability to their advantage. The secret of transcending beyond the ordinary to a state of idyllic frenzy lies with the power of creativity. Work smart to... » read more