5 Features of Alteryx for Big Data Analysis

Alteryx for Big Data

You can geocode data and map it with drag and drop tools in Alteryx. Using custom polygons, you can group items, calculate distances and drive times, and apply spatial data to your analysis. Alteryx also has export options, including ESRI, Tableau, and GeoJSON. If you’re considering Alteryx for your next big data project, here are some features that will help you get started.

Data preparation

Streamlining your data preparation process is vital to obtaining valuable information from your business data. Alteryx’s Output Data Tool helps you prepare your data for analysis with minimal effort. It supports a wide variety of file formats, including standard CSV flat file-like options, SQL databases, and Microsoft cloud-based big data formats. Using Alteryx is also a great way to visualize your data, which allows you to identify trends and patterns in purchasing behaviour.

The software enables users to blend multiple data sources with minimal effort and time. It is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge. Users can also blend data from multiple sources, such as social media apps and cloud applications. With the data blending capabilities, Alteryx eases the burden on IT departments and gives users deep analytical insights. They can easily get answers from their data, leveraging the data in the best format possible. Alteryx helps you to do all this without a huge investment in expensive and specialized systems.

Another benefit of Alteryx is that it enables you to clean and join large amounts of data. You can import data from multiple sources with one tool, and then build your own custom workflow. These workflows are customizable and vary depending on the type of data imported. The final output tables can be compiled in an Excel file and analyzed with visualization tools. In addition to providing you with clean and readable data, Alteryx also helps you to document and share your data preparation work.

Aside from helping you prepare your data, Alteryx is also a great way to automate your workflow. You can choose from several pre-built workflows, or you can design your own. Some of the common workflows include accounting closes, reconciliations, and forecasting. Adding automation to these processes will ensure that they don’t become as tedious as they used to be. This is one reason why Alteryx is so widely used.


The power of Alteryx makes it easy for anyone in the organization to gain quick access to data and perform complex reporting functions. Unlike Excel and SQL, Alteryx is accessible to people with limited technical skills. The company’s software enables easy access to data and simplifies reporting and governance. It also makes data discovery and security easier. If you’re a data geek, consider using Alteryx. We’ll discuss some of its advantages.

One of the key benefits of Alteryx is its ability to upskill teams across the enterprise. It replaces error-prone manual processes, such as copying and pasting data from spreadsheets to a database. Although some technical staff fear that users will become IT experts, this is simply not true. Many business people already do IT work and are already familiar with the basics of Excel and VLOOKUP. Adding the Alteryx analytics cloud to the arsenal will make it easier for business users to perform the work they do best.

Another benefit is the ease of use for all personas across the organization. Alteryx’s Analytics Process Automation (APA) offers a straightforward approach to automating the data pipeline and saving time running repetitive reports. It also offers a self-service analytics experience for those who do not have technical expertise. However, it is important to note that Alteryx is not an analytic database, which is more appropriate for overnight batch reporting. However, it can improve analytic productivity by providing a REST API.

Another major benefit of Alteryx is its ability to combine multiple sources of data and perform complex analytics in a simple workflow. With 60+ prebuilt tools, it is easy to run complex analytical tasks without coding. Users can use the tools to analyze spatial and predictive data without involving a technical specialist. Aside from being easy to use, Alteryx also promotes open source principles. This means that you can use the same data and model to make your analyses.


Once you have selected an item in the workspace, Workflows for Alteryx displays a configuration window. You can adjust the canvas direction, add annotations, and view the connection progress. Depending on the type of Workflow, you can customize options for Workflow Path, Workflow Type, Constants, and runtime. You can also control the runtime by adjusting Memory Limit, Temporary Files, and Conversion Errors. Workflows can be configured to run using the Ctrl+R shortcut. If you want to run a workflow without running the workspace, you can disable it by selecting the “Stop Workflow” button.

Once you’ve created your workflow, you can group it into a group to manage them in one place. When you have several workflows, you can create a workflow group by combining them into a single file. These groups can then be shared with others or opened in the Designer. You can also edit existing workflows, modifying and saving them on the Server. Workflows can contain dependencies, which is useful if you want to share them with other users.

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) transaction tables contain person objects. Among these, BKPF (Accounting Document Header) and BSET (Tax Document Segment) are two of the most common. In addition, the T-Code FBL3N (G/L Account Line Items) gives you a list of all G/L account line items. Then, using Alteryx, you can easily extract data from FI documents that have been posted.

For companies with multiple workflows, the Alteryx Server is critical. Alteryx Server is an essential tool for running critical business workflows. Imagine you’re an analyst and you need to pull sales forecast data from the CRM. You export this data to Excel, build a sales forecast workflow, and save it to the Alteryx server. Later, the analyst realizes it would be cumbersome to tell the users to run the reports first before starting the workflow.


If you’re looking to start investing in blockchain technology, you may be wondering how to price Alteryx. The company recently released its Q1 2020 earnings report, and it topped revenue and EPS expectations. However, it cut Q2 revenue estimates and initially fell 10% the next day. However, the stock rebounded to close only 2.9% lower. Moreover, the company recently made a big product announcement and just posted some interesting new job openings. Regardless of the price, it’s worth checking out these company news updates.


One of the leading cloud BI accelerator companies, Kyvos Insights, announced today that it now supports Alteryx. Alteryx is a SQL-based data analytics tool. The integration between Alteryx and Kyvos Insights is an example of the company’s commitment to making its product easier to use. After all, it’s only a matter of time before the company will stop supporting Alteryx Server versions that are at the end of their support cycle.

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