How To Become A Successful Android Developer In 2022

How To Become A Successful Android Developer

Have you ever been awestruck by the way a particular application is designed and subsequently made you wonder how it is constructed?  It’s a team of Android Developers who do this. Did you know that? In summary, this article on How to Become a Successful Android Developer will help you become one of the successful developers whose sole aim is to build an application that is accepted globally.

Who is an Android Developer?

An Android Developer is someone who makes our lives easier through the development of corresponding mobile or desktop applications that help us in our day-to-day activities. As such, if you ask me to describe what an Android Developer actually is, I would say that it is someone who specializes in developing applications that are compatible with the Android operating system.

As a result, the role of an Android Developer in an organization is to develop applications relevant to the domain that your company is working in. He/she is capable of creating simple applications as well as complex ones such as gaming apps (PUBG, Candy Crush, Word Cookies, etc).

As an Android developer, it is important you are very clear about what your job posting is all about and what your responsibilities are. I have outlined a few key roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer, which you may find interesting.

Successful developers are defined by these roles and responsibilities.

  • It is important for you to design and develop Android applications
  • Work in coordination with the design and testing teams in order to create better products that are less prone to error
  • As well as learn how to use various APIs and data sources
  • As well as understand how to fix bugs
  • Through continuous evaluation, discovering new technologies and implementing them accordingly

What makes you choose the role of an Android Developer when there are so many other development positions to choose from? So let’s look at some of the most important reasons to become an Android Developer.

What are the advantages of Android Development?

You can find so many reasons why you should consider Android Development as a career option. Some of the most notable reasons are listed below:


As Android is an open-source platform, the licensing costs are reduced which in turn contributes to the low investment and high ROI (Return on Investment) of Android. It is a very large community that allows you to interact directly with the developers themselves in case of any problems or upcoming versions.

Android is a platform that is constantly evolving

Apps that are created are either gaining a lot of popularity or are rated among the top applications on Google Play. It seems that Google is always changing certain features and releasing new versions every now and then. In other words, you will receive updates on a regular basis that include improved features that will be added to your application. I think that this is also something that is challenging to develop as it catches the attention of the user, something that is eye-catching.

Easy to adopt

In case you are dealing with any type of technology like Software Testing, Full Stack Development, it would be simple to understand how the Java programming language works, as it is one of the leading languages used to develop applications. As well as this, it is also true that any user with a basic understanding of Java can easily create an Android application. 

Easy to learn

Definitely, developers out there will feel that the time that they invest in learning how to develop an Android application is relatively less than what they spend on learning other technologies. Having a good understanding of Java and scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, you are good to go.

Job Trends

The Forbes list of the most-wanted tech skills for 2021 features Android application development on the list. Android application development presents a number of evergreen career opportunities. Taking a look at the job trends will help you pick up some Android Development jobs.

What makes someone a good Android Developer?

In order to become a successful Android Developer, Android Application Developers can follow an easy pathway since they already have an understanding of how applications work. If you are a beginner in this field and wish to pursue a career in Android Application Development

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How to become a successful Android developer?

It is extremely crucial to have a comprehensive knowledge of all topics under Android Development, including the skillset, to become a successful Android Developer. You should master a few notable skills to become an Android developer.


  • The candidate should have strong knowledge of Android SDK, as well as different versions of Android.
  • They should also be proficient in programming languages such as Java and Kotlin.
  • An understanding of the Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices is essential.
  • SQL knowledge is also essential.
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools, such as Git, is also essential.
  • An understanding of the RESTful APIs that connect Android applications to back-end services is required.
  • You should also have experience with offline storage, threading, and tuning performance.
  • Be able to design applications around UI and the use of touch devices.
  • Have an understanding of business requirements and be able to translate them into technical requirements.
  • A good understanding of cloud message APIs and push notifications is required.
  • Knowledge of Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines is also helpful.

As an Android Developer, you will be able to achieve greater success by mastering these skills. Furthermore, it is important to point out that Android is another domain where jobs are never in short supply. If you are interested in becoming an amazing developer, start today.

It does not matter whether you are new to Android development or have been working as an Android developer for a while now, these tips will be helpful to you regardless.

1. Become more familiar with the internals of the Android framework

I am not referring to the documentation, but to the actual framework code itself. In my experience, I have seen many developers who are afraid to dive deep into the internals of the Android framework. You shouldn’t be one of them. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you see how things work and how all the pieces fit together.

When it comes to Android development, you need to stop ignoring the inner workings of the Android SDK and learn how to befriend it.

2. Get over your fear of missing out (FOMO)

Android is a very large operating system. You cannot learn it completely end to end in a month or three. Your knowledge will increase as you learn how much you don’t know. Beginners often feel fearful of missing out on key information by attempting to build things while still in a state of great ignorance, but try to get over that fear.

Start with the basics of the app you are working on and then slowly expand your horizons.

3. Start reading a lot more code

The majority of developers don’t read what other developers write. They tend to write what they already know.

However, that will not help you become a complete Android developer. Reading the code of more experienced developers is the only way to become a better developer. Start exploring other open-source apps and libraries. You’ll discover a lot of coding techniques and features you didn’t know existed.

4. Take the time to learn more languages

Obviously, I am not telling you to learn Spanish or Chinese. What I am saying is that you should learn new programming languages. You should stay updated on what is happening in the industry rather than focusing exclusively on Android.

In addition to opening up your perspective, this will inspire you to develop new ideas, as well as help you greatly improve your Android development skills. You should make it a goal to learn one programming language every year.

5. It’s time to learn Java design patterns

The importance of this to your Android development career cannot be overstated. You can use design patterns whenever you’re stuck trying to solve a critical programming problem.

The same goes for other developers so that when they are talking about using a Factory, Decorator, or Facade pattern, you instantly understand what they mean.

Until you know most design patterns, make a promise to yourself to learn one new pattern every week.

We have now come to the end of this article on “How to Become an Android Developer”. By now you should have a clear understanding of the topics covered in this blog and be ready to begin your quest to become an Android Developer.

Being able to master these skills will definitely help you become a successful Android Developer. Do not forget that Android is one such domain where job openings are always available. It is the perfect time to become an amazing developer.

We have now reached the end of this article on “How to Become a Successful Android Developer”. With the topics covered in this blog, I hope you are ready to start your quest to become an Android Developer.

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