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Coding Python

Cool things to do with Python

Python is really a very awesome programming language, and you can do a lot of cool things with it. I’ll be addressing some of my initial and highly transitional Pythony things I did, that could be helpful for you as well. So today, you’re about to learn super fun and cool things to do with Python programming language.

Top Four Cool Things To Do With Python

Here’re are things you can do with python in cool Pythony way…

Google Rank Tracker

If web automation/selenium fascinates you then, I am damn sure that you gonna love the idea of making Google Rank Tracker. Basically, you have to make a bot that can track a website’s ranking for a given keyword.

Like, if you give “Python Bot Ideas” keyword and "blog.webmatrices.com" domain to the bot, the bot have to check if in which page and order it ranks (i.e. Page:1, Order: 1)

Google Rank Tracker ~ Cool Things to do in Python

Also, your rank tracker program should be able to take the screenshot traced website rank on Google, and save it in an organized way. Also, you have to save the rank of that keyword in a database or a file. You can use this open source GitHub project as sample.

Art Name Generator

Generating name of a art can be a very difficult task, if your program have to scan the image and render a relative simple name using AI. But, you don’t have to that! You can just take two parameters, i.e Art Type and Art Motive.

Art Type means the category of the art, such an Figurative Art, Abstract Art or Pop Art. And art motive means “the meaning your art wanna describe”.

You have to code a Machine Learning program that can detect Art Type and art motive in such a that it return extremely related names from the huge dictionary of art names that you have added manually or scraped from some where else. This open source GitHub project can be a very good sample for this project.

Microsoft Paint with Python

This project can be slightly tedious, but trust me this is the most awesome project that you would have ever done in Python. Basically, you have to code a program that function somehow similar to MS paint. You can remove extremely complex things and make the program with some basic/core features such as draw, erase, save, fill color and change color.

Microsoft Paint with Python ~ Cool things to do with Python

Flappy Bird Game

If you have a spirit of a gamer or a game developer, this Python thing can be the most awesome and cool project that you’d have ever coded with Python.

Flappy Bird is a game in which you (player as a bird) have to cross a lot of vertical obstacles without getting hit by any of them. The more you travel, the more scores you earn.

You can use PyGame and other Python libraries if needed. The best thing about this project is that you’ll get to learn a lot of useful Python programming skills.

Flappy Bird Game ~ Cools stuffs to do in Python programming

Tips while being a cooler Python programmer

  1. Make notes of things that you feel very important while learning, do not just write everything on the note.
  2. Keep developing, implementing, tweaking and coding after learning the things
  3. Share your progress in Programming communities, forums and social media
  4. Listen to music that you love while working
  5. Drink enough of water
  6. Teach about your learning in social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
  7. Try to be as minimalist as possible while writing codes, but you can neglect this step if it’s too hard for you.
  8. Make your satisfied with food so that you don’t have to leave your working table repeatedly.

Hope these projects helped you to be a better and cooler Python programmer.

#PythonProgramming Rocks!

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