How to get 100+ visits daily for Adsense approval?

How to get 100+ visits daily for Adsense approval?

Look, dude. Getting 100+ visitors is super essential for Adsense approval. If you want to get 145+ visitors per day then you literally need to put some effort into it.

100 + visitors to your website are one of the requirements to apply for Google AdSense and get approval. Why would Google Adsense approve a website without values, and higher website traffic means more valuable content.

So, how to get 100 visitors per day for Adsense approval? Let’s learn it.

How to get 100 visitors per day in my website?

You may be thinking there’s a trick to get 100 visitors per day, and yes there is a trick for it.

First of all, I’ll explain to you some nice sources of getting traffic. After that, we will be learning “How I got my first 1000 visitors in my blog of webmatrices

If you want to approve your site for Google Adsense super fast, then check Google Adsense approval trick for 2021

Using medium to drive traffic is really a good source to get traffic to your website. What you have to do is, just copy your articles link and paste it into the medium. After that, you just need to import the article in medium and do some tweaks on it.

I can bet you, if your article is good and has nice content on it, your website will get ranked in google and see the magic. You will be getting enough traffic to approve your site on Google Adsense.

Go to this medium link to import your content

Get 1+ visitors per day from Medium

Note: Don’t forget to add your website link in the article on medium.

This won’t make your content duplicate content, rather it gives you canonical URLs. Canonical URLs helps to boost the SEO of the website super fast, and gradually your site will be approved by Google Adsense. See How canonical URL helps in SEO?

If you want to learn to drive traffic in your blog using the medium in a detailed way, then just comment below.

Promote blog on pinterest

Pinterest is really a good source of getting traffic. You just need to paste your article link in there, give a very good title and description and post it, after that you will be enjoying your free 100 visitors per day (i am not kidding).

Also check, Pinterest marketing strategy 2021 (Crash course to get 1K visitors daily with Pinterest)

See, even we promote our blogs, article and discussions.

Pinterest Marketing

I suggest you learn, review and study from our Pinterest page.

Use Webmatrices to drive traffic

It is super easy to promote your websites in Webmatrices Forum. You just earn 65 points in this forum and contact us there. After that, we will link your website to our most popular web apps. OR,

You can also write related articles in Write a Blog section of webmatrices and link your articles in a clean way, this also can help you to get nice traffic.

And finally, my favourite and my own method

Using facebook groups to drive traffic

This is the best method to drive traffic to your blog, but you really need to work hard on your content.

Your content must be interesting, a little controversial or funny. Write an article as I’ve said to you. Share that article in Facebook groups and damn you have 100+ visitors per day.

Randomly sharing articles on Facebook will hamper your Adsense, so using URL Guard is super essential.

Here is an example of a controversial and funny article I’ve written.

Remember: It must be controversial and funny, not full of hatred.

Special tool that you should used to get organic traffic

Getting organic traffic is not that big of a deal if you do it correctly. Your website starts getting organic traffic when it’s ranked, and fully SEO optimized. For that, you have to use long tail keywords and related keywords in your article content and title. Using a long tail keyword help your article to be niche specific and using a related keyword help you to target more audience within that specific niche.

Using long-tail keyword generator and related keyword generator can accomplish that purpose.

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  1. Very nice article. I posted a controversy in and I am getting 53 real time visits in my website. Thank you brother a lot.

  2. will this not lead to duplicate content on your blog? i mean importing to just confused and i need clarification. thanks

    1. Nope brother. It won’t cause you any duplicate content, because Importing it in medium with add a canocial url (learn about canonical URL) of your website in the article. If you want a explation please reply, I’ll make an article on how to use to drive traffic and backlinks in your website

  3. I got adsense approval after writing on controversial news and topics. Also, the guys in Webmatrices forum helped me to get adsense approval. Thank you so much brother.

  4. I’m really impressed after seeing your replies!
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  6. So doesn’t importing links on a Medium profile create duplication of content? I mean the same content is displayed on my blog and the same on my Medium profile?

  7. I have a new blog 15 days old
    And getting 15 views, per day only
    Can i get more views, should I continue working on my blog. Will it be helpful if I share my articles on these platforms like Pinterest Or medium. I dnt know how to use keywords bcz I dnt have any paid plan of keywords research tool. Please help me

  8. Hi, i read complete article and it’s such effective but i have a problem that i write 39 blogs on my website and i want to approve my site on google AdSense i already applied about 2 weeks ago but not reply from AdSense team side.when i read this article i am very hope full i requested to you that if possible i want that you check my site and i really hope you will find actual problem that why my site is not approved plz don’t ignore i really hop with your’s thanks

    1. For Boosting organic traffic, I am using this trick personally getting 100k organic traffic to my website.

      I have also writen an article about Google AdSense will never approve these sites, if you wanna learn; learn here

    1. Hello! Mr.Akagra Mishra. For Boosting organic traffic, I am using this trick personally getting 100k organic traffic to my website.

    1. I really liked your websites design. It might get approved, because some of your content are really good. But few of your content aren’t good, like 7 Weirdest Jobs around the World, World’s funniest airports names; rudest, weirdest and strangest and some more. You’re also writing is a lot of niches and topics with just your general idea, like: Health, Finiance, Blogging, SEO. Be specific.

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    I started my blog 18 days ago, and I was looking for help on how to approve my blog for Adsense. And found this great Web site. This website is really great one. And on top of this, you have posted really good and helpful blog posts. I follow your blog post and hope it will help.
    Thanks for this great website and these great blog posts.

  10. I really like your guide. I am very impressed. After this i will also using your method for getting gor enough traffic. Really helpful methods.

  11. Hi dear, I am getting error(We’re sorry, but this page could not be imported. Try another page) while importing post links to medium. Can you pl. help me?

  12. Dear Bishwas Bhandari, I am struggling to get traffic in my website, today I found your this article and this article is very useful. I will definitely use your adsense approval trick after getting a good traffic. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  13. Hello bro,

    I have read almost all comments. You are very smart in responding. I used your tool to check my chance to get approval for Google adsense and got 68%. Can I get approval if I apply? If not what can I improve to get approval?. I have almost 3 months correcting mistakes after getting 5 rejections.

  14. Hello bro,

    I found you can help me. Last night, I applied for Google adsense approval but they after like 10 hours respond that I am not eligible. Can you please take a few minutes to check my website and advise me the mistakes I have. My website is:
    Your help is really appreciated.

    1. I checked your site, almost everything is good, but you really have less content. Also, the content quality isn’t that good. Are you using Content Idea Generator? I saw you’re writing on Information Technology, you can have a look at the top keywords and content ideas for information technology here.

      If you write articles while using that app, you’ll definitely be approved.

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