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Github Student Developer Pack and its Benefits

Github Student Developer Pack and its Benefits: This article will give you a key to get $2000 worth of materials for free if you are a student.

You might be thinking of all kinds of stuff in your head after reading the title like What the heck!!! Is this even legit? well, another scammy post and scammy article. But believe me, after reading the article you will get the key to material worth $2000 for free being a student. Read the article to the end to find out the key and thanks me later.

Github Student Developer Pack

Github Student Developer Pack is a pack or collection or bundle of different tools, software, services provided by GitHub for students to help in their student life and software development journey.

Github Student developer packs can be applied only by students and I will show you how you can get your pack also.

How to Apply for Github Student Pack

You can check out this video which explains the full process of getting a GitHub student pack.

Benefits of Github Student Pack

Github Student pack comes with tons of paid services like educative premium subscription, digital ocean credits, Microsoft azure credits, and many more.

The various benefits of the Github student pack are

  • Domain name service from name cheap, .tech domains, and
  • Cloud services from the digital ocean, Microsoft Azure, and Heroku.
  • Hosting services from netwise and Education Host.
  • Subscription of learning platforms like educative, datacamp.
  • Access to Premium Developer Tools like Travis CI, Unity, Mongo DB.
  • Internships opportunity in MLH Fellowship,
  • Github Pro Account

We have lots of services available in the GitHub student pack from various categories like Domain, Cloud, Design, Developer Tools, Internet of Things, etc. There are lots of products as we explore in the pack which is worth more than $4000 and we can create various products like the app, web app, design, API using the GitHub student pack.

Github Campus Expert

Github Studnet Developer pack also provides us an opportunity to be a Github Campus Expert. Github Campus Expert is a program by GitHub to build a tech or programming community on your campus and learn and share your coding skills. Github Campus Expert program provides mentorship on how to build community and grow the community. It also provides an opportunity to connect with other campus communities and share experiences.

Github Student Developer Pack also provides an opportunity to build a good network of people as you reach people by attending various events and also building communities.

Github Student Developer also provides an opportunity to join exclusive developer events like Github Campus TV, Octoverse, Github Remote Graduation, Hacktoberfest, Local Hack Day.

Required Documents for Application Process

  • College ID Card
  • Certificate or mark sheet of College

Expiration and Renewal of Github Student Pack

Github Studnet Pack expires once your student life or your college finishes as you need to submit your identity card or certificate for the application process. But if you are still a student you can renew your GitHub student pack

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First off, congratulations on this post. This is really awesome but that’s what you always crank out my friend. Great posts that we can sink our teeth into and really go to work.

I love this bucket list and you know you’re right. Blogging can be very overwhellaing for a lot of people because there is so much involved but it’s like anything else. Everything takes time and we all have the same amount of hours in a day so put them to good use. We all have to start somewhere and your plan is perfect.

World domination, huh! I like the thought and I’m still shooting for that list of thousands but I’ll get there. My time will come but I know I’m on the right path.

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