Best Google Adsense Alternative To Earn More Money In 2022

There are many alternatives to Google Adsense but still, Google Adsense is one of the best tools to monetize your blog. For many bloggers, Google Adsense is the most reliable and trustworthy tool for earning money from their blogs.

Can you monetize or earn from your blog without Google Adsense in 2022? Yes, of course. Google AdSense isn’t the only way to make money online. 

We will take a look at some of the best alternatives to Google AdSense in this article.

What Is Google Adsense?

Every blogger can monetize their blog with Google Adsense, an online money-making tool.

However, in simple terms, in 2003, Google launched an advertising program that allowed bloggers and webmasters to monetize their blogs.

This type of thing may be seen all over the Web or the Internet.

Having said that, let’s move on to our main topic, which are the best alternatives to Google Adsense.

Why Should I Look for Alternatives to Adsense?

The Google Adsense program has been a leading way for bloggers to earn money from their sites for many years.

Your site can generate a good amount of revenue if it has the right niche, good content, and an engaged audience. But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option.

Alternative advertising platforms are plentiful and there are many reasons to consider them.

Aside from Adsense, you might want to diversify your income streams. Perhaps you’d like to continue to run Adsense ads while adding some additional source of income.

How much does Google AdSense pay per 1000 views?

In other words, for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $68 to the publisher in AdSense revenue. The actual rates an advertiser pays per view vary widely, usually between $0.10 and $0.30, but average out to $0.18. YouTube receives an average of $18 per thousand ads viewed.

And if you wanna check will your blog get approval in the Adsense Partner program then you can simply follow google rules and apply.

Google Adsense Alternatives – Best Alternative to Adsense

Because Yahoo and Bing launched, you have probably heard of it.

Furthermore, it is a direct competitor of Adsense and one of the largest contextual ad networks. Moreover, it can earn you more than Adsense because most of the traffic and advertisers has come from foreign countries.

It is more profitable for sites ranked in western countries.

It is a bit difficult to get approval on, but yes, you will get AdSense approval in a short period of time if you have a quality blog and get traffic from big countries.


ForeMedia is one of the greatest Ad networks that function admirably for sites that spotlight unambiguous niches like food, cooking, sports, natural life, digital money, business, showcasing, etc. They have a major organization of advertisers and the essential tools to assist you with monetising your blog and boosting your income. Furthermore, very much like Google AdSense, you will likewise have adaptable and reliable payment terms and methods; you can accept your ad income through PayPal or wire transfer as per your accommodation.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Obviously, Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site, and we can also believe it blindly.

I have therefore included it in our list of Google Adsense alternatives. 

It used to be only the Amazon affiliate program, but after that, Amazon introduced its CPM-based amazon shopping ads. 

In my opinion, it is an excellent alternative to AdSense, but it is suitable for the website, which receives traffic from the US and EU.

Furthermore, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it for monetizing your blog. Consider using their affiliate program instead of amazon shipping ads.

It might be best for you.  The best blogs for this strategy will be those with the most traffic from the US and EU. 


Having quality traffic and being cheap to run ads in big countries makes PopAds the perfect advertising platform for advertisers.

Additionally, it is great for publishers, as it helps them monetize their blog revenue by showing pop-up ads.

Suitable for movies, songs, and other websites that AdSense does not allow.

Yes, if you want to make a website that provides movie downloads, you should do so.


Over 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries earn cash from Infolinks, which is among the largest and most widely used advertising platforms.

Ads are fully customizable and provide an excellent position to boost click-through rates without interfering with the look and feel of the site.

You can insert text ads into your existing content wherever there is an appropriate ad for your visitors to see, using the intext option.

A pop-up advertisement will appear if the mouse hovers over the link.

Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, Western Union, Echecks, and ACHs are all acceptable forms of payment.

Depending on the payment type you choose, the payment threshold varies. Wire transfers or Western Union are 100$ for ACH and 50$ for Western Union.

Propeller Ads

There is one thing about PropellerAds that I like, and that is their technological innovation.

Launched in 2011, PropellerAds soon gained popularity for its high CPMs.

Most people who use this website earn thousands of dollars, and most people are mentioned on the internet.

There are many niches you can use this for, such as entertainment, videos, games, movies, and other slots that AdSense doesn’t allow.

Their goal is to provide their users with the best user experience possible, which is why they have now released a web push notification ad type. Their ad performance is excellent and they have many different types of ads.

The minimum payout is 25 dollars, and I think it would be a good option for newbies and intermediate bloggers.

Top AdSense Alternatives For YouTube Channel

Nowadays, everyone prefers video, animation, and pictorial representations over reading. People prefer to watch videos instead of reading blogs because they’re easy to understand, audible and appealing.

Without hesitation, YouTube is one of the best platforms to make money if you’re in the video-making industry.

If you have a lot of skills, such as creating amazing videos, communicating with others, and so on, YouTube could be a good option for you. 

As with blogging, you are going on YouTube to make money and gain a bit of popularity; there are many ways to make money from YouTube. 

By creating Sponsor Videos, Affiliate Videos, and by using the popular AdSense, you can monetize your YouTube Channel.

If you have been permanently banned from AdSense, then what should you do next.

Yes, you can do Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship.

Yet, if you want to make more money from your YouTube channel, here are the best alternatives to AdSense.

AdRev – Adsense alternative for Youtube

YouTube itself verifies that AdRev is the best Google AdSense alternative for YouTube.

In addition, it offers content owners multiplatform technology and services – the most useful feature is the wide range of video optimization and promotion tools.

In contrast, they require 500 daily views in order to qualify.

And they accept payment via PayPal, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10$. 

AdRev is an excellent place to look for AdSense alternatives for monetizing your YouTube channel or videos.

Freedom – Best AdSense alternatives for YouTube

There is no better YouTube partnership network than Freedom. Your channel can be integrated with multiple platforms and connected with other creators to enhance your business.

It doesn’t require any contract or agreement with you or your YouTube channel.

However, there’s no minimum payout, so if you have made $1, you will get $1 via PayPal but it does not provide any other withdrawal method other than PayPal.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Google AdSense make you rich?

Is Google AdSense a good way to make money? Google AdSense isn’t a make-money-quick scheme. As a result, you can earn passive income from your website. Now, how much you earn depends on both how much competition there is for your ad unit and how much advertisers are willing to pay per click.

Can I buy an AdSense account?

With Google AdSense accounts, you get the approvals you need as quickly as possible. It is possible to purchase any type of AdSense account you want, such as a Pin-Verified AdSense account, a Non-Hosted AdSense account, an Old AdSense account, a Payment Received AdSense account, and many others.

Final Thoughts On Google Adsense Alternatives

AdSense is the best option for monetizing your blog, but you cannot join it until and unless your website complies with its Adsense policies and has a decent amount of content & traffic.

Thus, these are all the best Google Adsense alternatives that can help you earn enough money.

For monetizing your blog, you can choose either Adsense or any another platform. Among the many alternatives to Google AdSense, these were the most popular, and you can trust all these websites which I have mentioned above.

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