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How to check website for Adsense approval?

Getting approval by Google Adsense is getting tough day by day. That’s why I have discovered an awesome web-app ( Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool ) for you which can scan your site, and display the results of scanning that what are the basic/complex reasons that you aren’t getting Google Adsense approval.

In past, the approval requests of some inappropriate sites made the Google Adsense team think about their Approval method and as a result, Google made some strict rules for Adsense Approval.

And that newly modified strict rules of Google Adsense forced you to search for “How to check website for adsense approval?”

I know, you’re here to know the technique for checking eligibility for Adsense Approval. We will be using Google Adsense approval checker to check the website eligibility for Google Adsense.

Don’t worry we are going to learn to check website eligibility for Google Adsense. But first, we will have to learn some Adsense Approval FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check website for Adsense approval?

What are the minimum requirements for Adsense Approval?

GOOGLE Adsense Approval Criteria
Google Adsense Acceptance Criteria

Here are the criteria/eligibility for Adsense Approval:

  • Your site must have a minimum of 16+ unique and interesting content
  • Your site domain must be a top-level domain. like: .com, .net, .etc. (Top level domain list)
  • The age of your site must be greater than 6 months.
  • Your article should be related to your blog niche, containing a minimum 1,500+ words.
  • Article posting must be regular and continuous
  • You should optimize your site for SEARCH ENGINE. (i.e Do proper SEO.)

The Adsense Eligibility Checker tool also uses the requirements to check website eligibility for Google Adsense.

How much traffic required for Adsense approval?

It is not cleared by Google Adsense that ” How much traffic is required for Adsense ?

” yet.

But we can assume it as 100-500 organic views per day.

Because the site (with 100-500 organic views) is certainly a good, unique and interesting content providing site. In reality, there are no criteria related to page views in Adsense.

Learn to get 100+ traffic for Google Adsense approval.

Note: However, if your site doesn’t have a fair amount of traffic, you’re not going to make much money. Only running Google ads in your site will offer you the earning of $1 per month.

Can I publish copied contents in my site?

No, I mean truly NO. If you did this you really gonna face a huge tag of rejected by Google Adsense. Your site must contain 100% unique contents. #Google really hates #Copy-ism.

Never Use Copied Contents in your site
Copied Contents are Harmful for Adsense and SEO

Publishing copyright contents won’t just block you to get Adsense approval, it will also decrease your site’s Search Engine Ranking.

So please be warned with publishing copied contents. In a nutshell, you can’t copy others site content before applying for Adsense.

The tool also scans your website’s content to check your site eligibility for Adsense. The probability of good result will only be better if you have non-copied and unique articles.

Watch this video of Google Webmaster to learn “How Google deals with copied Content?

Explanation for Google Handling Duplication Content

What are the pages required for Adsense approval?

This is the most affecting factor for Adsense Approval. If you really wanna be approved by Google Adsene then please create these pages:

About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

  • About – To let others know that there’s a physical person behind the website.
  • Contact – To build a proper connection with viewers.
  • Privacy Policy – To create a sense of a real job
  • Terms and Conditions – To let users know that in what conditions that users are browsing your site.
  • Navigation – To assist your users to find what they searching for.

NOTE: Disclaimer page is optional for Adsense Approval.

The Adsense Eligibility Checker tool also scans your site that whether it contains these pages or not to checks your site eligibility for Adsense.

How to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute?

Many of bad publishers publish this kinda article to get more views on their webpages or websites. The get way to get acceptance of Google Adsense in ONE Minutes doesn’t exist on this universe.

If you really wanna get the Approval of Google Adsense then you must do hard work for it, not just a creepy GOOGLE SEARCH: “How to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute?

Can I use copyright images in my site before Applying for Adsense?

As I had already told you ” GOOGLE HATES COPY-ISM “, so you can’t get the stamp of approved by Adsense until your site contains copyright images or anything else which is copied.

In short, you can’t get the approval of Google Adsense by using copyright images. You should check once for this before applying for Google Adsense.

How to get Adsense approved for my Blogspot/Blogger blog?

Get your Adsense Approved for your Blogger Website
Get your Adsense Approved for your Blogger Website

Many of my e-Friends who have a blogger website ask me that “ Can we really get Adsense from Blogger site ?” And the answer is “YES” and of course you can.

  • Get a custom domain name with a high-level domain.
  • Create pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy
  • Guarantee that you are using a clean Blogspot template.
  • Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts.
  • Assure your site isn’t using copyright images. If you have, just return back & delete it from your blog.
  • Check whether your navigation bar and sidebar looks clean & professional.

And Finally,

Is there any tool for checking Adsense Eligibility of Site?

Now, we are on the main idea of ” How to check website eligibility for Google Adsense?

Yes, there’s a tool to check whether your site will get Adsense Approval or not. Just go to the upper link and use the Adsense Eligibility Checker TOOL. When you scan your site, the internal program in the server executes and scans your site’s worthiness for Google Adsense and shows you the result.

How to use Adsense Eligibility Check Tool?

Here’s the step to check website eligibility for Google Adsense via this Adsense Tool:

  • Go to Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool
  • Add your URL to the Site URL. Make sure to add https:// or http:// in your site URL.
  • Click on “SCAN

This is a really very effective and useful tool for Adsense or SEO agencies and also for the bloggers who want to earn money from Google Adsense.

Just use it and enjoy.

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Hi bishwasbh,
I love your program analysis, but I don’t know what to do about user interface, everyone I’ve consulted said that my website user interface is good but this app prove it wrong.
More so, I use WordPress and use some plugin to optimize some functionality in the site. How can I improve loading time to 0.4secs as suggested by the app.
Now, concerning my content, since I upload scholarships and job. 100 -200words explain everything about the job and scholarship sometimes. What should I do.
My website is careeracada[dot]com


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Thanks for the message.
I will continue to do that.
However, do you know what I can do solve the issue of double google AdSense account


i have terms and condition page on my blog but still after scan it shows there is no terms and condition page


very informative bro
loved it
but i met people whos website were approved even after 15 days of starting

Techno Subrat

Hi ,
Can I write Articles in Hinglish in Dec-2020 for Adsense approval .


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