How to grow a Web App? Brutally grow your Web Application

How to grow a web app

Hello Devs! Creating a web app is complicated in itself and need huge efforts, but growing the web app requires much more effort and tactics than developing it. Today, I am going to give you 6 ways to grow userbase of your web app.

Before going ahead to “How to grow a Web App?“, I’ll be sharing you the core thing that user expect from a Web App.

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What do the users expect from a Web Application?

Users expect a Web App to be fast and reliable with location-based, real-time information and joined with a good method of personalization, like Airbnb’s personalized matching system. They demand an updated user interface with chatbots, and artificial intelligence, wherever possible, which is why apps like EverNote are successful. Also, they expect the web application to evolve, with regular updates and patches which improve the overall user experience.

List of users expectancy from a Web Application

  • Accuracy, reliability and location-based, real-time info
  • Easy to use and operate – A friendly User Experience (UX)
  • Automation and active supports
  • Chatbot, chatbox and other chatting features – i.e. They can ask directly for the support
  • Users want analytics and better data maintenance

If you solve those problems in your web application then surely your web app will grow in the top.

How to grow a Web App?

What’s up, man… Here’s what you should do to grow your web application extremely. Follow these tips to grow your Web App and increase your web app brutally.

Copy your competitor

It’s fair, bro. You can copy your competitor, but only that one who is ranking upper than you. Even said to start copying your competitors today.

Copy that
Copy that

Exactly copying your competitor is not much cool and awesome, so try to modify a few details in your web app/application.

Decrease the load time

Users want fast (faster), so you could lose your user if your web app is slower than your competitor’s web app. Your web applications load time denotes the growth of your web app’s userbase.

Web App must be quick like a Bunny
Web App must be quick like a Bunny

Increase your accuracy and reliability

Every one of us wants correct information, so what our users want. Try to give as correct info as you can. Your web app should give more correct result than your competitor’s app.

Make your web app easily updatable

Decrease the codes that messy and try to make it easily understandable. And some meaningful and useful comments where necessary, and organize it in such a way that you can easily update new features and patches in your web app easily.

Image for post
Web application should be easily updatable

Do a proper SEO

SEO – one of the vital things for the growth of your web app. As you can gain a lot of users and traffic in your web app/applications by doing a proper Search Engine optimization of your web app.

4 simple steps for SEO of Web Apps

  • Write a proper meta description.
  • Use alt text in the images of your web app.
  • Use title attribute inside the buttons of web applications.
  • Write a good description about your web app using headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.) and <p> (paragraph) tags.

Share in Social Media (Super Useful)

This is the most powerful strategy that you can apply to grow your web application. You can seek for the Facebook pages and groups related to your web app, and share them in such a way that must look like you’re helping them.

Social Media that can give you a brutal amount of users/traffic in your web app.

Hope it helped you…

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