How to increase Adsense approval probability and other scores?

Hey Adsense Users!! I know you’re here to know How to increase Adsense approval probability into 100%? We gonna learn the ways to boost Adsense Approvals probability scores.

To increase the score for getting Adsense approval, first, we need to learn what are the cases that Adsense approval percentage depends on.

Cases that Adsense Probability depends on:

Code snippet for Adsense Approval Probability in Adsense Approval Checker.
  1. Essential Pages (Terms and Conditions, etc.)
  2. Language used in the website (Adsense eligible language must be used in the website)
  3. Domain age (The age of your website must be nearer to or greater than 6 months)
  4. Domain quality (high or low level domain)
  5. Content quality (Content is King)
  6. Link structure (Broken links and other linking factors)

Essential Pages

Essential Pages are those pages which are extremely necessary for Adsense approval. If you don’t have these pages than your site won’t be approved for Adsense ads i.e. the Adsense approval probability (AAP) score will drop drastically.

Language used in the website

The language that are eligible for Adsense approval are:

  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Catalan
  5. Chinese (simplified)
  6. Chinese (traditional)
  7. Croatian
  8. Czech
  9. Danish
  10. Dutch
  11. English
  12. Estonian
  13. Filipino
  14. Finnish
  15. French
  16. German
  17. Greek
  18. Gujarati
  19. Hebrew
  20. Hindi
  21. Hungarian
  22. Indonesian
  23. Italian
  24. Japanese
  25. Kannada
  26. Korean
  27. Latvian
  28. Lithuanian
  29. Malay
  30. Malayalam
  31. Marathi
  32. Norwegian
  33. Polish
  34. Portuguese
  35. Romanian
  36. Russian
  37. Serbian
  38. Slovak
  39. Slovenian
  40. Spanish (European)
  41. Spanish (Latin American)
  42. Swedish
  43. Tamil
  44. Telugu
  45. Thai
  46. Turkish
  47. Ukrainian
  48. Urdu
  49. Vietnamese

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If you’re using the languages out of these, then your site’s AAP score will decrease. So, you need to use eligible languages to be approved by Google Adsense and to get nice approval probability.

Domain age

Simple, OLD IS OLD. Google believes in an old aged site but it doesn’t mean you won’t get approved if your site is new. There are high chances to be approved by Google Adsense if your website is older than 6 months. In other words, if you have 6 months older website, the AAP (Adsense approval probability) score will increase drastically.

Domain quality

You won’t get approval in low-level(free domains) domains like: .ml, .tk, .ga etc. You need to buy an authentic high-level domain.

List of all high-level domain

  • digital
  • au
  • pro
  • pw
  • tech
  • tv
  • asia
  • best
  • com
  • nl,
  • in
  • uk
  • guru
  • biz
  • mobi
  • xyz
  • info
  • club
  • io
  • edu
  • ru
  • online
  • us
  • news
  • ca
  • blog
  • np
  • mil
  • int
  • arpa
  • net
  • de
  • org
  • eu
  • top
  • vip
  • gov
  • co
  • me
  • coffee
  • site
  • cn

If your site’s domain is indexed in this list then be sure you are using a high level domain.

Another doubt may occur that is a high-level domain? Of course, any domain with a high-level domain prefix is known as a high-level domain. Like the below domain,

  • Simply, <high_level_domain>.<countries_domain>

Link Structure

You can see Link Structure in Turbo Mode. Link Structure means broken links and your linking system. Adsense really hates broken links. Simply remove all the broken links if you’re having any issue with your website Link Structure score. Even our tool Adsense Eligibility Checker hates broken links. That’s why please remove those fu***ng links that distracts Google, if you want your website to be approved.


How to increase Adsense approval probability and other scores?

I’ve already mentioned to you that maintaining the aspects of essential pages, language used in the website, domain age, domain quality, content quality and link structure are the best way to boost your Adsense probability and get approved by Google Adsense fast.

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