How to Increase App Ranking in the Play Store

Increase App Ranking in the Play Store

If you want your app to rank high on the Play store, you must follow these tips and tricks. The first and most important step is to write an app description and choose an appropriate icon that draws the attention of users. You must also determine the age group of your audience before starting the app development process. You can also include IAPs in your app. Once you know the age group, you can use this information to optimize your app’s design.

Application description

The first step in improving your app’s ranking on Google Play is to write a compelling description. This description should include details about the features and benefits of the application and should capture the user’s attention. It should also be relevant to the target market and include the most appropriate keywords. In addition, write as many good press releases and testimonials as possible. Once you have written the description, add details as you update the app.

The description should contain your keywords, but not too many. Too many keywords can confuse the search algorithm. According to SensorTower’s research, the optimal number of keywords for an app’s description is five. It is also a good idea to eliminate bad keywords. Short descriptions are better for app ranking than long ones. If your app isn’t yet available for download, you can write a brief description to promote it.

Adding screenshots and text to your app’s listing can boost downloads. Use your URL and domain to boost your ranking in the Play Store. Putting your keywords in the URL and domain of your app also plays an important role in driving higher downloads. Moreover, it helps increase your app’s average rating. Once your app has a high rating, you’ll be mentioned in the trending list.

App rating

The question is how to increase app ranking in the play store? In this article, you will learn how to do just that. Using a carefully worded rating component is an effective way to increase user satisfaction, and it also raises your overall ranking. While visual elements do not directly impact app store rankings, they can help convert potential users. For example, include screenshots of your app in your description, to highlight the best features and help entice users who don’t read text.

The best way to increase your app’s rank in the Play Store is to optimize it. You can do this for free, without spending any money. First, make sure your app has a keyword-rich description. Your short and long descriptions should contain popular keywords, and your app’s title should contain popular search terms. You can use the keywords “app store optimization” in your description if it’s relevant to your app’s niche.

Another important factor that affects app store rankings is the number of reviews your app has. Reviews show users which apps are worth downloading, and an app with many positive reviews will have a higher rank. Therefore, the more frequently you update your app, the higher its ranking will be. App Radar is a great tool for tracking the growth of your app and saving old versions of metadata. It will help you to determine how to increase app ranking in the Play Store and App Store.


Adding in-app purchases to your app is an easy way to boost its search engine rankings. IAPs are searchable and add valuable real estate to the listing. Your app’s display name is only 30 characters, while the description is 45 characters long. To increase click-through rates, consider adding a screenshot. IAP descriptions can be written using natural language. The more images you add to your app, the better.

One way to increase your app’s search ranking is to increase the number of keywords that your IAPs rank for. Try to optimize for different keywords, such as “game” or “social networking.” If the title matches the keyword, your app will be listed in the search results. The more relevant the keyword, the higher your app will rank for it. Increasing your app’s ranking by adding in-app purchases is an effective strategy.

Make sure the IAP name is appealing. Your icon should look good. Some apps include the name of their free trial in the IAP name. You can also test the use of photography or illustration in your IAP names. Apple has made IAPs available in their Apps tab and “Our Favorite Subscriptions” section. If your IAP is well-named, it will appear on top of the organic app results.


The screenshots of your app must show your users the value proposition of the app and why they should download it. They should be of a higher quality than your competitors’. The screenshots should be in portrait orientation as it allows the audience to view three screenshots at once. In landscape mode, however, they will only be able to see one screenshot per frame. This way, the screenshots should be well-written and have a strong contrast between the text and background.

The screenshot copy should be optimized to highlight relevant high-volume keywords. When an app’s creative reflects search queries, users are more likely to download it. The screenshot copy also needs to be visible in the app store environment. If the screenshot copy is small, it might confuse users. Using screenshots to increase app rankings is vital for attracting users. It’s an effective way to grab their attention and encourage them to download your app.

The screenshot is meant to give users a sneak peek of the app, so it’s important to highlight all the features of the app. Screenshots should also demonstrate the UI of the app, making it easier for users to understand and download it. Strong colour contrast in screenshots also increases the chances of users downloading the app. There are many other factors that affect app store rankings, including screenshots. In addition to the screenshot, the app description must also have a catchy copy.


Videos can help you increase the popularity of your app in the Google Play store. Videos are a great way to tell potential customers more about your app and increase downloads and usage. They can be produced for free without a huge production budget and should only last for 30 seconds or less. If you want to see results, follow these steps to create a promo video. Listed below are some ways to improve your video. Here are some of the most effective ones.

In order to create a promo video for your app, make sure to add it to the app’s page on the Google Play Store. Videos convert better than text and are a more fun way to explain your app’s features. Think of a video as a video ad. The more users click on your app, the higher it will rank in the store. By adding a video to your listing, you can increase conversions by as much as 25 percent.

Adding a promotional video is another way to improve your app’s ranking in the Google Play Store. While you can use an ordinary screenshot for the app’s promotional video, a high-quality video will help your app get higher rankings. Videos should be short and sharp and should highlight the most important features of your application. You can easily record a promotional video by using the Android studio commands. If you want to include a video on your application’s page, you can also insert a feature graphic in its place.

Retention rate

Retention rate is one of the most important metrics to consider. A high retention rate translates to satisfied users who are more likely to recommend your app to their friends. Users who regularly return to your app are more likely to engage with new features and loyalty-based campaigns. They are also more likely to provide feedback when they feel something needs to be improved. Therefore, it is important to use a review management system to capture user feedback.

Retention rate is the highest metric Google uses to rank your app. It identifies the number of users who continue to use your app after it has been downloaded. If the retention rate is low, you’re likely to have an ASO failure, which means your app will be less visible to search engines. A high retention rate can be achieved by implementing the techniques discussed in this article. Once you’ve mastered these tactics, you can make sure your app will rank higher in the app store!

To improve the retention rate, you’ll need to target your users. It is critical to understand why some users uninstall your app and work on reducing that number. A good retention rate can be as high as 35%, but it will depend on the category of your app. To increase the retention rate, you must develop an app that will keep users in your app for a long time. You should measure retention every week, month, and quarterly. To calculate your retention rate, divide the number of users who installed your app by the number of active users.

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