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How to make a devlog video?

Hey Devs! Wanna make devlog videos and don’t know how to get started? No worries, I am here to let you learn ” How to make a devlog video ? “. So, let’s learn and start creating devlog…

First, what’s devlog? Devlog simply means the vlog about programming and development. So, devlog is mostly popular among the game development community. And dev-vlog is really a good way to gain traffic and audiences in your YouTube channel.


How to make a devlog?

The ideas you will gain from the articles about creating a devlog are:

  1. Essential components for devlog
  2. Methods for devlogging
  3. Creating an actual devlog video
  4. Top develoggers in YouTube
  5. Devlog Examples

Essential components for devlog

The main idea of devlog is to provide development ideas with some fun, so fun is the real skeleton of a good dev-log video. What you need in your videos is education and entertainment (simply: edutainment). Got it, if not ask me below?


Facecam is another essential component of an good development video. Your video must be packed with the feeling of human appearance, FUN and education.

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Methods for devlogging

  1. Promote till success: If you want a guaranteed increment of visitors, make a devlog on Webmatrices, TIGSource, and also post it on your Twitter and Tumblr with relevant tags. Also in popular Facebook groups like: Coding is Life.
    I don’t see the point of having a dedicated website until you can get an audience for it.
  2. Engaging Content: I don’t think a devlog should try to present the real side of game development, because that would (accurately) come across as boring and stressful. It also shouldn’t contain too many “thoughts” and coding stuff, no one cares about those.
  3. Make your viewer feel smart: Your video should be mostly screenshots and animated gifs, chosen to look as good as possible, accompanied by some technical-sounding text to make viewers and readers feel smart.
    Doing this will increase the engagement and the feeling of proudness in the audience.
  4. Use sound effects and VFX: The sound forces your audience to use his sense of organ called ears and visual effects forces them to use their eyes. The more sense organs are used, the better the video is.
    Use appealing and beautiful scenes inside your game. And try using funny and appropriate songs/music/sfx in the game or video.

Creating a devlog video

To create a devlog video, you need to combine all the ideas I’ve given to you. Let’s combine it in points:

  1. Create a script and idea for your video
  2. Make your videos funny and little knowledgable
  3. Use appropriate SFX and VFX
  4. Don’t over-explain codes, just explain `How fun the game is` indirectly
  5. Always remember fun is the base of a successful devlog
  6. Don’t stop promoting
  7. Use a hashtag to denote your episode number of your devlog i.e #DEVLOG1

Top develoggers in YouTube

Here’s the list of top develoggers in YouTube:

  1. Codeer
  2. Dani
  3. Obvious Dev
  4. Steven
  5. Sam Hogan

so on…

Devlog Examples

Here are some examples of devlog in 2021

Devlog example 1 : Codeer
Devlog example 2 : Obvious Dev
Devlog example 2 : Dani

Thanks, this much for today. Happy Devlogging…

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This gonna help me somehow. Good…

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