How to make money by blogging? Start and monetize your blog

How to make money by blogging?

Hello writers! Making money by blogging isn’t that complicated if you know the actual process to do it. Today, we will learn ways to find profitable blog niches, gain an audience base, monetize them and start making money with your blog articles.

The critical thing that a writer or blogger should know is there’s a huge difference between essays and blogs, so we are also discussing; writing interestingly readable blog articles that can be monetized and rank fast.

Not only that, I’ll be sharing my own story of getting into blogging and gaining 2.7K traffic per day on my blog articles.

How to start a blog with a profitable niche?

Before you monetize your blog, you surely have to start a blog, and while starting a blog, you have to take care of three key things; niche demand [with its CPC], your knowledge and interest in the niche. Niche basically means the main topic on which the whole blog is going to be based.

The perfect mixture of these three things will make you a highly rich blogger. With good CPC or demand, there might be huge competition but if you have good knowledge of the niche, there’s no one stopping you to tackle the competition.

While choosing your niche, you can use a tool provided by Google called Google Keyword Planner. This tool can help you to find profitable keywords that you can compare with your key niche.

After, choosing a good niche, you have to start your blog. You can either choose Blogger or WordPress to start your blog. I highly recommend a WordPress blog.

And if you wanna firstly gain some experience in blogging then you can go on with Deviser Club, as it’s a free and open source blogging platform for enthusiasts.

How to gain an audience base for your blog?

On the journey of blogging, one thing I have learnt extremely well is patience. You need tons and tons of patience. Lemme be honest, traffic doesn’t come in one day or a week, it takes months and years.

A beginner blogger always suffers from traffic issues and does weird stuff like sharing the articles in bulk personal messages, which is very wrong.

So, what’s the actual way to gain an audience base? Well, it’s simple as making tea, just three steps: find a highly searched topic, create highly useful content on it and share it on social media.

Yupp, it sounds simple but there’s a way to do it.

Find a highly searched topic

A man searching a highly searched topic on a desk using his laptop; man, laptop, searching, typing

Getting a highly searched topic that suits you is the most critical part of making good content. For this, we will be using two web tools; Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Keyword Finder.

To find highly searched and relevant keywords you have to use Google Keyword Planner, it gives you a detailed list of a keyword including CPC, Average Monthly Search, YOY change and minimum ad impression share.

You should choose a keyword that you have knowledge of, that is highly paid and highly searched.

After getting the main keyword, you have a basic idea about your article topic. But writing on the main keyword might be extremely competitive, so to tackle that competition issue we have to use long tail keywords.

You can use the long tail keyword finder tool to get long tail keywords for your main keyword, you just have to paste the main keyword in the tool, and it provides you multiple long tail keywords.

Choose a long tail keyword that is easier for you to explain, use it as your article title, write an article on it and publish.

Create highly useful content

Finally, if you have done things well, you are going to get more content ideas from Google Search Console, as it provides a detailed list of keywords that people used to find your content on Google searches.

Using those related keywords to write an article is the best thing you can do to boost your blog’s search appearance.

That’s why Google Search Console is an extremely useful platform that can help you to write highly useful content.

Sharing on social media

It’s challenging bro. If you come from a pretty rich family background, you can just run well-produced Ads and gain some traffic, but if not, social media is the greatest source to gain initial traffic.

A lady searching a sharing her articles on social media using her laptop; woman, lady, laptop, touchpad, sharing.

Just sharing a post linking your article strictly won’t work. You have to have friends that are interested in the topic you have written articles on. Or you can join forums, Facebook groups or subreddits related to your site’s niche and artfully share the article’s link.

Share your article in such a sense that the audience doesn’t feel you’re sharing your article, rather they feel like you’re teaching or helping them.

For example, I’ve written an article in a subreddit called NextJs that how I have made a whole game using Next js, and people are really liking it, also I’ve linked my website to it, which is really getting nice clicks.

Sharing links on social media is an art, and it’s a soft skill.

Myself (Bishwas)

Monetize your blog and start making money

Well, if you’re gaining nice organic traffic then monetizing your blog isn’t that tedious. Mainly, bloggers or writers earn money with Ads, Affiliate Marketing and donations.

Monetize your blog; money, rank, graph, cash, coin, laptop; make money by blogging

Google Adsense is one of the top options when it comes to monetizing your blog. After getting Adsense approval, your site starts displaying ads. And for each click and impression, you get paid.

There are many other Ad networks alternative for Google Adsense to make money.

Besides displaying Ads through Ad networks, you can also make money by doing affiliate marketing. But earning through affiliate marketing isn’t that easy, you need a lot of engaging traffic for this.

Amazon Associates, Flipkart Affiliate and Fiverr Affiliate are top paying affiliate marketing networks I’ve yet known.

But not all blogs work in a similar business model, you might be writing articles for a social cause and if someone is willing to pay you for the cause, it’s always good to accept that donation. For accepting donations, you can use platforms like Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon.

Is blogging a good way to make money?

Yes, indeed. Blogging is really a good way to make money. As you have full freedom to write on stuff you are interested in, you can write on hot topics that interest you and make money with it by monetizing your work.

What kind of blogs are the most popular?

There’s not a straightforward answer to it, the blogging world is a dynamic world. But mostly digital marketing, lifestyle and celebrity-related blog are popular, and yes highly competitive.

What kind of blog can make money?

Blogs based on highly searched topics with high CPC rates and less competition make a lot of money. Simply, blogs that really solve the problems of thousands of people make money.

My Story

I started blogging 3 years ago. I started with a blogger blog, as they’re free to use and owned by Google. In my initial days, I wrote a lot of stuff on that blog; essays, poems and literature, and guess what none of them was even close to a good blog article. But why am I saying this? You’ll find out very soon.

I continuously kept writing on the blog, I shared all of my blog posts to all of my friends on Facebook through messages, and yes people were surely annoyed, and I agree with it. Sharing links randomly on someone’s message is extremely annoying. But, the key point is all of this was essential for me to learn; learn how blogs work, learn to gain traffic, and know how search engines work.

I tried making my blog more readable and interesting, writing on contemporary stuff, and sharing it on my Facebook timeline, which didn’t work well.

And on the process of learning, I came to know about Google Keyword Planner, I used that tool, wrote some articles, and still the organic traffic was not that good. But persistence is the key. I kept my faith in that tool, and at some point, it worked. I started getting traffic from Google and Bing.

From the initial days, I was continuously applying for Google Adsense, and of course, it rejected my application because of the poor quality of blogs on it.

When the blog started to get organic traffic, I bought a new domain and linked it to my blogger site, and applied for Adsense approval. Amazingly, I got approval, and I was so excited.

I waited for my earnings to increase and guess what, there was only $10 for 3 months, which disappointed me, and I tried self-clicking using VPN, and of course, the Adsense account *got banned.

After the Adsense account got banned, I was kinda hopeless.

I migrated my blog from blogger to WordPress and started writing articles on programming and Linux stuff, and in the process, I somehow approved my blog with a new Adsense account. Again, I did self-clicking and account got banned.

Now, I had passed grade 10th, and I went to the capital city to study grades 11-12. After 2 or 3 months the domain got expired and someone else bought it, and after that, for 11 months I stopped blogging and all computing stuff.

My 11th exams were postponed because of the COVID pandemic hit, after 2 or 3 months I bought a new domain and started working on it.

I made a Google Form and attached it on, naming it Adsense Eligibility Checker. I started getting 100 – 200 traffic daily with 20-70 forms submitted to check if their blog is eligible for Adsense approval. I manually checked their blog and sent them the report through email.

At that time, I was surfing python programming more, and I developed an algorithm/program to check the website report and display the report in textual format. From that time, I just had to input the given website and the program returned the result. I only had to copy the result, paste it and send the email.

After some time, I learnt Django and made a web app for the same purpose so that I don’t have to copy and paste, and the result goes directly to the user. And that worked awesomely. In the process, the web app got smarter and more updated.

My website started getting backlinks because of that web app, and my blog also got popular. I started getting 20-30 comments daily on my blog posts related to Google Adsense.

And during the process of development of that web app, I had to suffer from a lot of programming errors, which I documented on my blog and wrote articles on. And those articles also started getting organic and referral traffic. Most of the referrals were from GitHub and other forum sites.

Finally, everything is now going well, the homepage of webmatrices was just a static boring page, and installed a forum site on it which later went viral. I have written an article series on how you can make money with forum sites.

Nowadays, I own 7 websites, and 4 of them are doing awesomely well which altogether get 2.7K organic search traffic per day from Google.

Summary of my story

Work hard with passion, patience and persistence; 3Ps. Use essential tools to find out information fast, share smartly on social media and always focus on good content, not money!

I hope you learned a lot, have a good day!

Happy Blogging…

  • October 6, 2022