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10 Strategies To Make People Listen To You

How To SPEAK So That PEOPLE Want To LISTEN | 10 TIPS The Art of Conveying “Make sure you have finished speaking, before your audience finish listening” -Dorothy Sarnoff Most people consider talking as the most natural, and they don’t put effort to improve it. Therefore, must of us are left unheard and ignored. But... » read more

10 Pro Tips to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

4 Simple Tricks to Stay Motivated Every Day Motivation is what drives you toward a goal, get you up in the morning, make you stay up at night and keeps you working through a task, determined to succeed even when things get rough and hard. The problem however is that staying motivated isn’t always easy.... » read more

10 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastinating

10 Ways to STOP Procrastinating Procrastinating… You have a deadline to beat. However, rather than doing all your work, you’re doing miscellaneous things like checking email, social media, watching videos, and spending time on other tasks that could wait. You know what you should be doing, but you simply don’t want to do anything. Sound... » read more

How to Come Off as More Confident to Others

How to build your confidence — and spark it in others Many studies have proven that the saying “Fake it till you make it” has some psychological backing to it. By pretending to be more confident, and carrying yourself as such throughout your day, you will cultivate self confidence. Coming off as confident to others... » read more

How to Maintain Relationships on a Busy Schedule

6 Tips on How to Have a Strong Relationship There are only 24 hours in every day, but endless things to focus on: family, friends, career, hobbies, and household chores to name a few. Oftentimes, there will be factions of life that get unjustly neglected. If you’re a career-driven person, it can be a struggle... » read more

5 Tips to Stay Motivated While Learning Online

How I Learn Things Online (Way More Efficiently) Many colleges and high schools around the country have announced their plan to host predominantly online courses during the Fall 2020 semester in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. This decision is undoubtedly the best option in the interest of public health and safety, but... » read more

How To Be Productive in The Morning

Productive Morning Routine | How To Be Productive & Organized Being Productive…A substantial number of people’s day typically starts in the morning, this makes Mornings the most important part of the day as they set the tone for the rest of the day. To get the best out of the day one must learn how... » read more

Making The Most Out of Social Media

4 Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following Quickly Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to interact, create, and share information, ideas, interests, and all other forms of expression. Social media offers a varying range of opportunities from employment opportunities to creating relationships amongst users. It’s the new safe space,... » read more

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

A Complete Guide to Goal Setting It can be said that life goals and goals scored in soccer or football are the same because they all have one thing in mind; achievement. Life goals Life goals are milestones that we set to achieve. At times, it can dictate how we observe our daily life routines... » read more