Pinterest marketing strategy 2021

Pinterest marketing strategy 2021: Pinterest is undoubtedly the best marketing platform for bloggers and social media marketers as it ranks as the 14th largest platform in the world in terms of global active users, and has #142 global rank on Alexa.

Marketing on Pinterest can literally help your website or web/app to grow faster and higher, but the twist is what are the best Pinterest posting and marketing strategies for 2021 to grow your site super fast.

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You’ll literally gain thousands of traffic and users in your website or web app, if you learnt this extreme Pinterest marketing strategy for 2021. These marketing strategies are also understandable for Pinterest marketing beginners.

Pinterest marketing strategy 2021

Before learning all the Pinterest marketing strategies, you need to learn all the essentials about Pinterest and marketing on Pinterest.

Is Pinterest still relevant in 2021?

Yes! Pinterest is really an engaging website/app, which has a huge active user base. 72% of users on Pinterest are female users and you know about the rest of the users.

Statistic: Distribution of Pinterest users worldwide as of January 2021, by gender | Statista

Pinterest Demographics (users by)

As there are 71% of female users on Pinterest, you need to target those females using triggering images and titles, also understand the following Pinterest demographics, and make your marketing strategies according to it.

Pinterest Marketing strategy and woman in 2021
Pinterest Marketing in Process – 2021
  • Females are the boss in Pinterest: 71% 
  • People between 35-49 years old: 35% 
  • Eighteen to twenty-nine years old guys: 34%
Pinterest by the gender, age, country, education, recidency, mothers, syburban areas, earnings, marketers
Pinterest by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics (from omnicoreagency)

What is the most searched thing on Pinterest?

After knowing the most search thing on Pinterest, you will be able to target your correct audience and write articles/content accordingly.

The most searched and popular categories on Pinterest in 2021 are:

  • Clothing style – Men’s clothing style, Gentleman style, Korean fashion men, Women’s clothing style, Grunge boy
  • Home décor – Kitchen Ideas, Bed design, kitchen interior, TV wall design
  • Food and drinks – Food porn, food photography, cake design, coffee bar design,
  • DIY and crafts – DIY Furniture, DIY Home decor, DIY Wall decor, DIY wedding decorations
  • Entertainment – Center decor, TV decor, Center repurpose
  • Education – Early childhood, Kids, Poster design, Aesthetic, Programming
  • Art – Sketches, Illustrations, Cartoon, Arts and Crafts for kids, Sand art, Beautiful Painting
  • Women’s fashion – Casual summer, casual spring, Iranian, Over 50
  • Beauty
  • Event planning
  • Gardening – Garden decoration

How Pinterest can be used for marketing?

Marketing on Pinterest is not that complicated. Even many pro-marketers are unknown about Pinterest marketing, so is learning to use Pinterest for marketing easy? Nope, it’s not that easy.

So How Pinterest can be used for marketing?

Social media marketers are getting attracted to Pinterest marketing because it has a huge potential. You really can gain huge traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Social media marketers add their post on Pinterest, use super cool images to attract women and teenagers. And this is how Pinterest can be used for marketing.

How do I market myself on Pinterest?

Here’s the main point that is actually related with you. So, how you can use Pinterest to market your website in Pinterest.

  1. Create a business account (How to create a business account on Pinterest?)
    Does a business account on Pinterest cost money? Nope, it’s totally free.
  2. Claim your website there (See how to claim my website)
  3. Create boards suitable for your website category
  4. Regularly/frequently add your website as Pin inside the related Board

So, what are boards and pins?

What is Pin and Board in Pinterest?

Board is simply the category of your pin (post).

For example, you’ve written an article on top 5 jackets to gift your boyfriend then the board must be Men’s clothing or Men’s style or Gifts.

How many pins should you post a day 2021?

Posting pins on Pinterest depends on how often you write your articles on your blog or website. If you want your pins to generate conversions and traffic, you need to popularize your Pinterest profile. So, for making your Pinterest profile popular, I suggest you, pin 4 to 5 times a day. Pining frequently increases your activity rates, and the more you become active, the more popularity you will gain.

What aspect ratio is Pinterest?

The image sizes and many other aspects of Pinterest are now being flexible. Despite the flexibility, maintaining an image size pattern and aspect ratio is a good practice. Pinterest is nowadays suggesting the image size of 1,000 x 1,500 pixels, which is an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Conclusion (Pinterest Marketing Strategy)

As there are a lot of modern girls/women using Pinterest actively, you need to target women and teenage girls. Writing articles/content on women/girl concerns is the key idea to be successful in Pinterest marketing.

If you become able to target women on Pinterest, your web app/site gonna get millions of traffic and visitors.

Finally, You need to link all your Pinterest pins with women, even if you’re writing on decoration, food and drinks, interior designing, or anything else. Just link it with women and I bet you, you gonna be the super hero of Pinterest marketing strategy in 2021.

Link with women anyway, Pinterest marketing strategy 2021
Link with women anyway

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