16 Effective Productivity Tips to Become a Successful Programmer In 2022

16 Productivity tips for Programmer

Hey, who doesn’t want to be a productivity programmer today in this article we are going to discuss the best Productivity tips for Programmers?

Engineers who are productive are in high demand. Additionally, they are able to write high-quality code faster. The question of productivity for coders remains controversial.

 LOC (Lines of Code) and the quality of code written is used to measure a programmer’s productivity. The LOC is used to give a rough estimate of programmers’ productivity because it is difficult to measure due to project complexity.

A struggle we all face at least one time in our careers is being productive. As developers, we get obsessed with coding when we start working for a company or client. It takes a lot of time to write code, fix bugs, read about the technical stuff, and learn new things about programming.

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We enjoy it and spend hours on end coding. Some of us think giving up our computers simply means that we are lazy and don’t work hard.

The average software engineer dedicates eight hours to work each day. However, how they use these hours differs considerably. Some people achieve their next promotion within one year, while others take several years.

The majority of programmers’ working hours are wasted on headaches, stress, brain blocks, and boredom. If we planned for these moments, we would be much more productive.

Why productivity matters

Productivity can be defined as how much you produce compared to how much you put in. Among the many benefits of being a productive programmer are higher pay, office benefits, increased popularity among peers, and internal satisfaction.

The faster the coding engineer works, the better it will be for the company that is constantly fighting competition. This means working faster without sacrificing quality.

A startup also loves engineers who not only solve their problems but also do so faster than the rest.

It is a fact that good programmers are more productive than mediocre ones, there is no doubt about that. It is also important to consider productivity if you want to become a good programmer.

It is true that if you practice anything enough, you will get better at it, but after spending a few months or years programming, do you realize that this habit is no longer sustainable?

Even after spending a whole day coding, you find that you are no longer efficient and don’t get anything done. It’s exhausting to stare at your screen, confused and tired. 

Programmers know what it’s like to write the same type of code or execute the same command over and over again.

You may also find that coding is repetitive if you are copying and pasting stuff from one place to another. Getting distracted and procrastinating are easy things to do

Whether you call it burnout or something else, the truth is you start losing productivity day by day, and you aren’t the same developer as before. You aren’t the same developer as before. 

Productivity Tips for Programmer 

Have Two To-Do Lists.

Organize my tasks into two lists. tasks like a pro. I would suggest, however, that you divide this task list into two. The first list contains the tough tasks that require focus, whereas the second list contains the easy tasks that are doable even without focus.

As it is related to your personality and preferences, only you know what tasks require focus and which do not.

As you work, whenever you feel focused, work on the focus time list. The other list is for when you are unfocused.

Have a Book To Read at Work

Keep a book with you at work. During your workday, most companies will allow you to read anything related to your field of work during working hours. 

While being productive, book lovers can handle stress and headaches by keeping a book by their side. You may be surprised by how many books you finish by the end of the year without wasting time or becoming less productive.

Working fewer hours.

Reducing the number of hours you work. productivity. Due to time constraints, you are more focused on the task. Second, you tend to find smarter solutions and are more capable of breaking through the glass ceiling.

You are also encouraged to correct any poor management practices that exist. Itamar Turner-Trauring discusses how to work less and be more productive in detail. Choosing books wisely will help you improve your level and also make your job more enjoyable

Distractions should be minimized.

It is important to minimize distractions. you need to keep your focus intact. When you become distracted, it will take you approximately 15 minutes to regain your focus.

It is difficult to get back into the groove for software engineers who work on complex problems. Silence your environment and reap its benefits! 

You can take an online course at work

Online courses can be a great way to enhance your knowledge in your field, open up a new field for you, increase your soft skills, teach you a language, teach you how to learn or anything else that will enhance your professional skills over time.

The same is true for books. These courses can be completed in one week without being exclusively focused on them. In order to resume classes when you are not working on your current projects, you only need to have a course on the side of your project.

 Teach Others

A surprising way to improve your level is to teach. We organize our brain and improve how we know stuff when we summarize what we know for others.

When you summarize what you know for others, you’ll contribute more, communicate better, and know more. You should also occasionally share a summary of something new you’ve discovered with your team.

Take full advantage of automation

The future belongs to automation. Taking care of the monotonous tasks allows you to focus on the important ones – for instance, compiling the code or migrating data into the database after every change.

It is difficult to type in the code and can easily interrupt your productivity. With code generation or scripting, you can automate this process

Writing Articles

This tip is similar to the previous one, it further expands upon the previous one. If you know something about technology, write an article about it.

This could be a new technology you learned, a bug you fixed, a book you read, a course you discussed, or just something you thought out loud.

While helping others, you will become more active and enthusiastic, and you will learn more as well. It will be easier for you to feel the positive effects that your job has on you, so you will be more satisfied at work. Your manager should allow you to do this during your working hours.

Socialize at Lunchtime

You should socialize while you are having lunch. This will revitalize your spirit and make you feel energetic during the rest of the afternoon.

It will also help you get to know your colleagues and colleagues’ families better. Schedule weekly meetings with different people and have pleasant conversations about everything. 

Taking a lunch break every week to talk to someone who can assist you with your learning will be beneficial to you. Make friends with everyone: managers, interns, and coworkers of the same level.

Interact at Meetings and Code Reviews

Most new developers are too shy to interact much. If you participate in every meeting and code review, you will be able to raise your level quickly. As a beginner, you should not be shy about asking questions in meetings and sharing whatever expertise you have during code reviews

Even if you are an experienced programmer, make sure you share your concerns and feedback as well. If you do not attend a meeting, let your team miss you by always being part of the discussion, even if you don’t attend.

In addition, code reviews are a great way to demonstrate your expertise as well as to enhance your skills.

Make sure you don’t feel too shy to contribute and always remember that it is the best way to show your enthusiasm at work.

Set a Promotion Plan

Most employees don’t think about promotions until a long time has passed since the last promotion. In addition, if one thinks about it, they might feel shy about discussing anything related to that topic with their manager during their one-to-ones.

Instead, I would recommend that once you are hired by a company or are promoted to a higher position, you should set up a promotion plan.

It is important that you discuss this plan with your manager from day one, and that you follow up occasionally.

To plan your working hours, you must first identify the main goals that you need to reach to reach the next level. Knowing your weaknesses will allow you to start working on them right away. This will allow you to choose which courses to enroll in, which books to read, and which mentors to connect with.

Have a Good Personal Life

Some developers believe that in order to excel at their job, they have to work more than eight hours a day, but the reality is that this is not the case.

If you do this you will be able to feel energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day, and your mental health will be saved. If you do this, you will eventually be able to focus more, be more productive, and take fewer days off from the office.

Work on other projects and learn new skills

Working on new projects keeps your mind fresh and keeps you motivated. The majority of the time, coding engineers are stuck with one project, and this can easily become monotonous.

Hobbies can allow you to reflect more on your own ideas and help you grow as a coder. Aside from that, side projects can help you learn new skills that will improve your productivity in future projects.


Reducing your work hours can help you remain productive. At the same time, you should get enough sleep.

You can easily reduce your productivity to a great extent if you don’t get enough sleep. You’ll also suffer health consequences if you don’t get enough sleep.

Don’t Multitask

If developers want to be more productive, they will need to include the new definition of multitasking in their dictionaries. Instead of multitasking, they should always focus on one thing at a time rather than multitasking all of the time.

In the middle of writing, your own piece of code within your application doesn’t look at someone else’s code at the same time. It makes little sense to me either, but if you think that will increase productivity, then you are mistaken

In some studies, multitasking has also been shown to be harmful to the brain. Switching between multiple tasks at the same time is a distraction when you are trying to do more than one at a time.

Instead of being productive, you will find that you need to backtrack a lot because every time you have to double back and find out where you left off last time.

Work On the Command Line

It’s ok to use graphical user interfaces as a beginner learning something new, but once you pass that phase, you want to do more complex things.

 The use of a command-line is a sign of efficient developers, and as a developer, you should know its advantages. Working on a GUI takes much longer than working on a command line.

In the beginning, many beginners avoid using it because of the obscure syntax and the verbose documentation, but once you learn how to work on the command line your productivity will skyrocket.


Mindfulness is the most important thing to be more productive when coding. Coding is an extremely mentally draining activity and you should be able to teach your computer how to work for you, which is fun, but it is also a very complicated job for developers.

For more tips, you can even watch this video too

Being consistent in your job requires energy and patience. In programming, productivity comes with practice and time, so don’t try to push yourself too much at the beginning. If you plan properly, execute your plan, and practice you will become a better programmer.

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