10 High Paying Python Bot Ideas

Python Bot Ideas

Python seems to be a decent programming language when it comes to earning money. And bot development in Python seems to be one of the best ways to make money with Python. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the Top 5 Python Bot Ideas.

Bot ideas in Python that pay nice

What are Python Bots? Any script or program is written in Python that does a specific task in an automated loop and fulfils the requirement of users and owners.

Here’s the list of top 5 bot Python Bot Ideas that can be sold in nice money…

Twitter Bots

A lot of popular Twitter users/celebs seek Twitter Bots, that can share news, retweet high-quality tweets of others and reply to posts with high engagement potential. These kinds of Twitter Bots, help Twitter users to gain authority, consistency and popularity.

As you might have to make these Twitter Bots according to the requirements of your clients or even if you’re making a bot for yourself, the requirement is the base with which we can know what kind of libraries and frameworks to use, but mostly we will be using Tweepy along with other frameworks. But for some average Twitter Bots, you can use tech/libraries as mentioned…

Twitter Posting Bot

For a Twitter Bot that can post some news from a news site or a blog site, we need to scrape the site. In order to scrape a site, you can use python-requests, BeautifulSoup, Scrapy or Selenium. After scraping, we have to post the prepared content, we can use Tweepy for that.

Twitter Tweet Reply Bot

You can instruct a bot to answer or comment on tweets, for that you can either make a list of appropriate answers and comment on them randomly, OR you can use natural language processing and some machine learning related libraries to make a Twitter answering bot. After making your answers, you can use Tweepy to reply to the tweet.

Twitter Retweet Bot

Retweeting can make up your profile genuine only if it’s done correctly. Your bot should be capable of retweeting those tweets that are related to the niche/field of your client. Niche retweeting can make one’s Twitter profile go viral. For that, you can use Natural Language Processing and ML related libraries to detect the post topic or keyword, and for retweeting Tweepy is there.

Twitch Viewing and Comment Bot

As new or growing Twitch streamers desperately seek attention, and engagement in their streams. They use this kind of bot to increase views and comments so that it makes their streams look popular and engaging. It also boosts the Twitch algorithm to rank their streams, with which they can gain more human views and comments.

You can use Python Selenium to make this kind of bot, and this bot also requires a GUI (Graphics User Interface). To make a graphical user interface, you can use Django and render the Django UI in Chrome Browser. Basically, a Chrome browser-based rendered User Interface.

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Discord Bots

A lot of clients seek discord bots that can message certain analysed or scraped data in the Discord channel. People want Discord Bot to work in varieties of ways: sending updates, sending memes and images, playing music, downloading some files, sending charts and many more.

Python comes with a package name discord-py, which is super handy when it comes to making Discord Bots. Also, for some specific tasks, you can use equivalent libraries and frameworks.

Instagram Bots

A lot of insta creators are looking for someone who can increase their followers, following, the engagement rate of their Instagram account. To increase engagement of the client’s Instagram account, the bots should be able to comment on the client’s posts and photos.

To make Instagram bots, you can use Python Selenium and other libraries according to the requirements.

Instagram DM Bot

You can create Instagram DM bots that can send direct messages to a list of people or usernames that your client chooses. Selenium Python and Chrome web-driver can be used for this task.

Telegram Bots

Many Telegram Admins want telegram bots to be created for their telegram group, or for any other tasks on telegram. Usually requested bots are telegram group managing bots, welcome message bots, crypto price alert bots, auto-forward messages, anti-spam protection bots, business inquiry bots, web scraping bots, Airdrop campaign bots, etc.

You can use python-telegram-bot to do stuff related to Telegram, and for data extraction and processing you can use libraries like Python Selenium, python-request, BeautifulSoup, TensorFlow, PyTorch and many more.

Crypto and Trading Bots

Crypto Traders want their trading thing to go in auto-pilot mode, but without proper automation tasks, it’s not possible. You can be paid very good on crypto trading bots.Cryto Trading bot is one of the best Python bot idea that I really suggest you to start developing.

But, In order to make a crypto trading bot successful, you should have a very good understanding of how trading works. So, for that, you might have to do Data Manipulation, Data Visualization and LSTM Prediction Model.

You can use Pandas, Numpy, Keras, TensorFlow and other required libraries to make this kind of bot.

My Experience in making bots with Python

I used to make bots like Twitch Stream Commenting & Viewing Bots, Twitter News Bots, Spotify Music Listening Bots, Discord Crypto Update Informing Bot and Telegram Crypto Bots. While making all of these bots I learnt a lot about Python Selenium, Discrod.Py, callback URI and functions, captcha bypassing, bot-human behaviour and many more.

Making bots makes you creative and smart, it’s a good way of earning while learning.

So, all of those were some juicy lists of Python Bot Ideas. Hope you learn something valuable.

High Paying Python Bot Ideas
High Paying Python Bot Ideas
  • April 16, 2022