Top 5 Best Web Frameworks to Learn in 2023

Top 5 Best Web Frameworks to Learn in 2023

Hey Devs! I know you are here just to check out stuff and stay updated with the latest web frameworks that either make you good money (basically a career) or make your life easier while developing. You might be an indie developer, a job guy, or just a normal guy who just wanna learn and build the “internet of things”, well I have got you covered.

Today, I’ll be addressing the top 5 of the best web frameworks according to the perspective of getting a well-paid job or getting the job done (i.e. the perspective of indie and freelance developers) as I’ve worked as a freelance developer, indie developer (still) and as a full-time developer (currently).


Probably yes, you can say that I am biased. I just love Svelte/Kit. I have developed three of my personal project using Svelte/Kit and Django Rest Framework as the backend. Well, SvelteKit does the backend but I just love Django for doing the backend stuff.

The SSR, component handling, aliases, concise codes, and the built-in enhanced server-based forms handling are just super awesome. I can assure you that you’d not once regret learning this framework.

Svelte/Kit is a full-stack web framework that you can integrate database, ORM, and other essentials to over-power your project, but I generally use the upper mentioned Python framework to develop backend stuff as I am more comfortable with that.

SvelteKit provides add functionalities that make adding custom plugins, libraries, and extensions super easy. I love doing Tailwind CSS, so I do…

npx [email protected] tailwindcss

Why Svelte/Kit is the best solution currently available for SSR, middle-end, and front-end development?

  • You wanna develop your web apps super fast, then Svelte/Kit is the best.
  • Want your website to be easily customizable and smooth for the user, you got the answer.
  • You have a already ready backend and wanna use SvelteKit as middle-end and front-end… Can be done!
  • Need stores? Well, svelte’s writable can do that quite easily, I would say super easily.

Also, a good thing is that big corporates like Apple have started using Svelte in their web apps. They have recently applied Svelte/Kit on their Apple Music website.

If you believe in writing less, and doing more then Svelte is the best. Even I am coding our company’s new projects in Svelte.

Django and Django Rest Framework

I know, you were guessing this answer, and you guessed it right. “Django Rest Framework is the best”, Why the heck I’m saying this? Because love to save time and drink tea in my free time.

I would rather say, if you’re smart enough to think, then you should use Django Rest Framework for Rest API development, and yes I know you gonna say “There is a right tool for a particular job”. Yupp, this is the right tool for REST API development.

It has validators, serializers, response handlers, status handlers, permissions, custom permissions, paginations, method handlers, and many other extremely useful tools/utils.

Reasons to choose Django Rest Framework for REST API development

  • From serializers and permissions to method handlers and pagination, it provides a lot of essential features out of the box.
  • Gets your job done in a very well-structured way, as has a structural way of developing things out
  • Has a very good reputation in the corporate market, which has a higher chance to land you a nicely paying job
  • Has a lot of external libraries that are either officially suggested/promoted or are hugely reputed
  • Based on Python, which basically means awesome.

GoLang [Not a web framework, but can work as one]

See… I dunno, if I am writing this getting caught up in the hype but I’ve seen a lot of companies searching for GoLang web developers. GoLang is getting more popular day by day, and I guess it might be a good decision to learn GoLang.

I have done a few web scraping projects and tutorials on GoLang / Go Colly, but I personally don’t like the syntax of Go. But I really suggest you to learn GoLang, because it has a higher chance of landing you a good paying job.

As I have made a very simple web server with GoLang, it seems to have web features out of the box.


Again, I have only NestJs for making of a very simple REST API that returns the age of domain when the input if given. I am writing about NestJs with a piece of very limited knowledge, so chill…

NestJs uses a lot of decorators, I mean “a lot” a lot. Every two seconds, you will be using a decorator, which I personally found to be good. Because it makes code reusable and quick to develop.

A lot of job posts are opening for the position of NestJs Developer.

It is built on top of Express, making it a pretty fast web framework. You would have to code on TypeScript while developing on NestJs, so it’s better to learn Typescript as well.

I used to “not like” TypeScript four months ago, but now I just don’t feel like coding without TypeScript, that’s why I am suggesting you to learn TS.

PHP with Laravel

I know you are laughing over there, saying what the heck is this 'shilly'.replace('l', 't') guy saying? Bro, believe me PHP is a real deal. Wanna get paid well? Then learn PHP well.

A lot of web apps and sites are developed on PHP, ditching and not learning PHP is the most stupid thing a web developer can. And many of those web apps are coded with PHP Laravel. So, I really suggest you to learn PHP and Laravel.


There’s no conclusion on such a normal categorized blog post. The top of them are mentioned above, just go an scan them if you want or read well if you wanna be like me, I mean cool.

Happy coding.

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