How to earn money as a React js developer?

You can earn money as a React js developer by doing the things that I am going to explain to you on the next pages...


earn-y things



React App and Ads

Create a React app and publish it on the web, attach ads to it and earn money.


Be an employee

Join a company as a React developer and earn money.


Be a freelancer

Be a freelancer and earn money by doing freelance work.


Make Tutorials

Start a YouTube channel and earn money by making videos about React js.


Be an author

Write a book about React js and sell it on Amazon.


Write blogs

Start a blog and earn money by writing articles about React js.


Start a podcast

Start a podcast and earn money by making podcasts about React js.


Start a newsletter

Start a newsletter and earn money by sending newsletters about React js.


Make a React Course

Start a course and earn money by teaching people about React js.


React component

Make a React component library and sell it to corporations and big companies.


SaaS Developer

SaaS (Software as a Service) and earn money by selling your React app as a service.


Start agency

Start a React web development agency and earn money by doing web development work for clients.

My Story

I started using React Js a year ago [1.5 years]. I am a solo developer, I make useful webapps and attach ads on them to earn money. The is one of my newest and finest creations developed using React Js/Next JS and Tailwind CSS

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