How to  increase Google  Adsense earnings?

Today I'm going to talk about four ideas to increase your Google Adsense earnings...


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Do not neglect social media

Sharing your blog posts and sites on social media like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter can give you higher traffic which means more earnings. But...


Share with surety

Do not share your content or URL directly on social media, Google Adsense detects them as invalid or inorganic traffic. So, you have to use Xoomato Adsense Guard to share your URL in social media.


Search for higher CPC keywords

This sounds obvious but this part is skipped by most of the writers or site owners. You can use Google Keyword planner to find higher CPC keywords.


Use long tail keywords

Your poor SEO is the main reason why you are struggling to increase earnings. So, you should use long tail keywords for proper specific rankings.


Enhance your UX

UX, basically means user experience. Google is extremely cautious about the experience of user that it sends to your website, if it's good Google's gonna love you hard.

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