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There could be a lot of ways to increase CPS in Minecraft, but the most efficient way to increase clicking speed is yet unclear. So, today we will be revealing three of the best ways to improve your clicking skills.


To daily practice your clicking skills you have to use a mouse clicking game called speedclicking. It allows you to test and practice your clicking skills and, it calculates your click per second,  so that you can further improve it.

#1 Practice Daily

The best tip to increase CPS.


Player Vs Player games allows you to get more concentrated on both games and clicking, and PVP is really a good way to increase your clicking speed. The only down side of PVP is you have to take care of both the game and clicking.

#2 PVP

Get Engaged in PVP


Yeah, I know it's a pretty obvious solution, but sometimes getting a better mouse could help. Logitech, Crosshair, and G-Wolves are some companies that sell gaming mouse. But, buying a new mouse is not mandatory.

#3 Get a better mouse

Yupp, better mouse could help


What is speed clicking?

Speed Clicking is a skill that is used in many games. It is the ability to click as fast as possible. And is a platform to help you improve your speed clicking skills.


What is a CPS Test?

CPS Test is a kind of test in which you have to click a specific button of your mouse or keybord in order to know how much key strokes you can press in a given limitation of time. Basically, a test that allows you to know your clicking speed and improve it.


How to practice clicking and increase my CPS?

You have to go to the speed clicking platform to practice clicking and increase your CPS.


Thanks for being with us!

I hope you learnt some thing new anduseful about CPS, clicking speed and speed enhancement. Keep clicking!