Kinetic Kudu

Ubuntu 22.10


is just beautiful

The new Kinetic Kudo release of has made a lot of noise around linux community.

It is the first release of Ubuntu after the Canonical acquisition by Microsoft.

The new release has a lot of new features and improvements.

Everyone seems to be excited about the new release.

I am also excited about the new release, and I am going to share my thoughts with the new release.

The Kinetic Kudu release of Ubuntu has stunning new wallpapers, and the new wallpapers are really beautiful.

Ubuntu 22.10 comes with re-designed system toggle, which allows you to quickly change common system settings.

It uses the Next Generation GTK4 toolkit, which brings smoother graphics, new interface widgets and a fresh new look to the built-in applications.

Files application is responsive, and it is now faster than ever, which a cool sidebar, and a new search bar.

Smooth animations; animations are now smoother.

Uses Kernel 5.19; solving the issues of battery drain and overheating.

It'll be released on October 20, 2022.