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Who is great? Gamer Vs Programmer

Hey Noobs!!! Are you a gamer or a programmer? Whatever, let’s get into the point: Who is great: A Gamer or A Programmer? Obviously, the programmer is great in the context of knowledge and everything else we compare. Let’s enter into this hilarious war of ” Gamer Vs Programmer “.

Be ready the learn the real fact and the bitter truth…

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Gamer Vs Programmer

Gamer (Gaming) and Programmer (Programming) got compared…


Let’s check what advantages do the programmer (developer) and the gamer have.


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A Programmer – Gamer vs Programmer Battle
  • Programmers can write codes and develop software
  • Every programmer can play games
  • Programmers can also be a gamer without any delay
  • Every programmer can make live streaming gaming videos.
  • Programmers can create mods and hacks for the games
  • If a gamer plays the game of any developer(programmer) and it gets viral then not only the gamer will be benefitted but also the programmer.
  • Programmers are able to debug deficiencies and bugs of the games themselves
  • Programmers can create games, and play themselves. And sell it into the market
  • Programmers can create useful Softwares. And simplify the problems of the world.


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A Gamer – Programmer vs Gamer Battle
  • Gamers know each and every edge of games
  • Every gamer can play the games created by a programmer
  • Every gamer can enjoy the mods and hacks developed by a programmer
  • Gamers can make live streaming gaming videos
  • Gamers have learnt better controls in games
  • Gamers know the games better than programmers



  • Programmers need to spend separate time to learn better games control
  • Programmers don’t know each and every edge of games
  • Every programmer is not perfect at gaming


  • Gamers can’t write codes and develop software
  • If gamer play the game of any developer(programmer) and it gets viral then not only gamer will be benefitted also the programmer.
  • Gamers are unable to be a programmer without spending enough time
  • Gamers are unable to debug deficiencies and bugs of the games themselves
  • Gamers don’t know ‘ How to create useful Softwares ‘. And also unable to simplify the real-life-problems of the world.
  • Gamers can’t create games themselves
  • Gamers lack creating mods and hacks for the games

Gamer and Programmer – Compared

  • Programmers are perfect at creating software, programs and games but gamers are noobs at this
  • Gamers are little better than programmers in gaming
  • Every programmer can play games but every gamer can’t code the programs
  • Gamers know the games little better than programmers
  • Gamers are perfect at game controls than the programmers
  • Gamers can’t enjoy latest games without programmers
  • Gamers can’t solve the real-life-problem with their gaming knowledge directly but programmers can
  • Gamers can’t debug the bugs in the game but programmers can

and much more…

Summary: Why a programmer is greater than a gamer?

Programmers can do everything that gamers can do without any delay. Programmers can contribute to the real-technological-problem but the gamers can’t. Gamers can’t solve the technical-real-life problems of the world directly.

As gamers can’t do the must of the works done by programmers but programmers can do everything that the gamers can do.

Note: Donating money doesn’t concern with real-life problem solution directly.

Result for Gamer Vs Programmer

Hence, programmers are greater than gamers as they can solve the real-life problem of the world. But gamer can’t do anything except playing games and uploading it on the platform named YouTube (developed by programmers).

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Harshal Tiwari

Tell me what do you prefer, both or programming.

Bishwas Bhandari

Me too. Programming is great.

Harshal Tiwari

They play, we create

Harshal Tiwari

You know I ma younger boy..younger than emma (16), I don’t know how old are u bishwas but I like the person who likes programming…The best thing I like in this world is programming…specially python…you know there’s a sort of heart linked connection with python…I am school student but I m trying to learn it perfectly…specially I wanna make a best af AI but can’t do it now…but it’s my deram…and I seriously think that there must be goddamn community of us…Think that one day we’ll give this world a great Software or website or the best thing (AI).

Bishwas Bhandari

Yes brother

I love gaming

Obviously, GAMING!!!

Bishwas Bhandari

How is gaming greater than programming?

Nuuhu juma


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