Why developers and programmers hate light IDE
Why developers and programmers hate light IDE

Programmers hate light IDE, ‘cause light attracts bug… Just kidding. Actually, there are lots of myth about programmers and ` Why programmers hate light IDE? ` is one of those.

So, let’s demystify it..

This discussion can be spitted into four separate parts and reasons.

Why programmers hate light IDE?

  1. Easier for eyes
  2. Feels cool like a hacker
  3. Mistakenly switched to dark IDE and don’t know how to switch it off
  4. Perhaps he is a racist

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Easier for eyes

As you know, the intensity of the dark colour is very low and is pleasant to the eyes. The job of any developer is to stay in front of the PC’s screen all day long, and white/light background using that long can affect the eyes. That’s why developers/programmers prefer using dark IDE.

Dark IDE and code editor comfort our eyes, as the number of photons (intensity) radiated from the screen in dark mode is lesser than in light mode.

Feels cool like a hacker

Perhaps, he is a nerd like me and wanna feel like a professional hacker as the movies and shows represent hackers and programmers using a dark ide in a dark room

Mistakenly switched to dark IDE and don’t know how to switch it off

This can be a case, ’cause I’ve also gone through it. And if you’re going through this one, just use a search engine and search ” How to turn light ide in <your_ide_name> ?

Or try joining our coding forum

Perhaps he is a racist

F**k off, he is not a racist, the real reason is already been described in point 1. If you still feel he is racist, I have something to say to you, please read the below line.

Wait, wait, wait… You have read the whole article why don’t do comment and criticise my article.

Last modified: April 13, 2021


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Saampadan Sampanna

Light Ide really sucks…

Jaman COder

You’re tre bro. I really hate this light IDE.

Bill Gates

lol. light theme sucks

Aadarsha Dhakal

I prefer light theme in day time and dark theme in night time. Since most programmer love to work at night like me, they love dark themes more than light one.

khagendra D

wait, wait, wait… cool way of ending the topic. I am waiting your next blog. Keep going brother.

Sushrant Rijal

Haha relatable !

Zazzy Zaz

You’re not a developer if you use light themes. I love dark themes and hate light themes a lot. Light theme user are dumb.


Fuck you dude, I love light ide. You’re the one who is dumb.


Light attracts bugs

light theme.jpg
Pratiskya Gaire

I prefer the mixture of blue and dark theme. #blue_shades


Light ide user’s are fool. Dark theme rocks…


Beginners will use light IDE,
But as soon as they learn what they are doing they will immediately switch to Dark.

Niraj Tandukar

its not just IDE that we like darker, we also like our Desktop theme darker, Love to work on Terminals. ANd last but not the least, we like our coffee even darker


If you don’t wanna get blind, if you care for your eyes, go with dark IDE

Devlooper Saif


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