Awesome YouTube Strategies That Can Turn Your Viewers Into Subscribers

Awesome YouTube Strategies

It’s a well-known fact that YouTube is the world’s second-biggest video platform. More than eight out of ten people watch videos, upload videos, etc. Additionally, it is the second most visited website after Google.

There are approximately 50 million video content creators on YouTube. There are more than 2 billion active YouTube users. YouTube is considered one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms.

It’s no secret that video marketing has grown in popularity and accessibility over the past few years, becoming increasingly popular and accessible to brands. While TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and your website are all great places to promote your brand, creating a YouTube channel might be your best option since individuals spend one billion hours each day watching videos on this platform.

YouTubers often don’t know how to increase subscribers to their channels? We’ll talk about how to do that now. Here we go.

Best Youtube Strategies

Updated Your YouTube Details

One of the most interesting YouTube strategies is to add your subscribers to your videos with reminder notes. It works like a branding strategy. YouTube lets you set default upload settings. However, you’ll use this feature to solicit subscriptions from your viewers.

Imagine that you want to edit or remove it when you upload a video. I use this to make sure that I remind my subscribers to subscribe to my channel. Also, you can add anything about your video, and it will be added.

 Write engaging, must-see titles

It’s all about the presentation in YouTube marketing.

In terms of video performance, titles can make or break your video. Consider whether your content is “must-see” or “meh.”

You should avoid clickbait headlines to craft killer titles that grab people’s attention. People want entertaining content, and they want to know what your video is all about right away.

As an example, you can take a page from YouTube giants BuzzFeed and WhatCulture. In such videos, titles often use listicles, questions, or hyperbole (such as “insane” or “of all time”).

Another example is the fitness videos from Athletic X. The channel’s content manages to incorporate relevant keywords while still being conversational.

It is important to spend time thinking about engaging titles rather than simply choosing the first idea that comes to mind.

YouTube video titles should be less than 41 and no more than 70 characters, according to a study from Tubular Insights. 

Publish on YouTube with Different Tools

YouTube offers an endless amount of opportunities, and different tools like Sprout now offer the ability to publish directly to YouTube. Expand your reach through YouTube’s extensive search capabilities and see how your performance compares with other social networks.

Optimize your videos for visibility

70% of Google’s top 100 search results feature YouTube videos.

In fact, YouTube results sometimes even appear before blog posts or websites.

YouTube is by itself the second-largest search engine in the world. In the same way that people search for products and need problems solved on Google, the same holds true on YouTube.

As with any other piece of content, you should optimize your YouTube videos in terms of keywords, tags, and so on.

You can increase your chances of showing up by following these best practices for YouTube SEO:

  • Include your target keywords in your titles and descriptions. You can find keyword ideas by using a tool like
  • Including your target keywords in your video can help YouTube better understand your video’s content, according to Brian Dean of Backlinko.
  • YouTube ranks videos based on engagement (likes, comments, views).
  • You can use categories to help YouTube determine who to show your videos to.
  • Tags: In addition to adding categories to your videos, you can add tags so that YouTube can provide more context for your content. Tags can be used quite a bit, so be sure to include as many as possible.

Keywords should be used when they are relevant, not just for the sake of having them.

Figure out what your audience wants

Whatever kind of content you create, make sure it aligns with your audience’s needs. If you’re writing a blog post or making a video, start by knowing your audience and what kind of content they’d like to see from you.

Consider your competitors or other video creators in your field if you’re just starting to promote your YouTube channel. Look at their most popular videos and see how they engage with their viewers. In this way, you can figure out what topics your audience is interested in learning about and what type of videos they prefer.

If you’ve already uploaded videos, you can look at your YouTube Analytics. You can find detailed statistics on your audience on YouTube, such as demographics, location, engagement, and other helpful information.

Engage with the YouTube community

YouTube may not seem like a social network per se, but the platform does represent a thriving community of users engaging with each other through profiles, “likes” and comments.

The interactions you have with your viewers are seen by YouTube as positive signals. Engaging with your subscribers will at the very least strengthen your relationship with them. “Liking” comments and pinning a top comment will take you only a few seconds.

YouTube is no different from any other social network in responding to comments and engaging with your followers.

Customize your thumbnails

Making custom thumbnails for your YouTube channel is an easy, yet effective way to promote your channel.

Think of your title and thumbnail as a one-two punch for grabbing the viewer’s attention.

The YouTube thumbnail is automatically created by grabbing a screenshot from any given video. Sometimes it will capture a blurry image of you adjusting the camera or a transition.

It doesn’t look good, does it?

The thumbnails you create yourself not only make your videos look more professional but also make them look more appealing at a glance.

The design of thumbnails does not have to be complicated. If you want, you can even create a template with a particular font and style to make it look more consistent. Tools such as Canva make this process especially easy. 

Cross-promote your own videos on YouTube

You may be covering similar topics on YouTube that overlap.

Cross-promote your older videos when it makes sense to get the most out of them.

In the description of a video, you can provide links and encourage viewers to check them out as a sort of call-to-action. Though some people might be disappointed by the recent removal of YouTube’s annotation system, linking still remains an option in your description that encourages viewers to watch your videos all the way through without clicking away.

Target Google search results

When it comes to SEO, YouTube is killing it.

As far as creating content for search engines is concerned, you should promote your YouTube channel using SEO.

Search engine result pages (SERPs) emphasize videos covering keyword-specific topics, such as product reviews, how-tos, and long-form (10+ minute) videos. When you don’t have any content ideas or you want to capitalize on a trending buzzword in your industry, consider how you can do it through your YouTube channel marketing.

Run a Different Types Of Contest or giveaway

YouTube users love giveaways if there’s one thing they love. Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel by hosting a contest or giving away something.

To keep contests simple, people have to subscribe to your channel, like your video, and leave a comment.

Follow some of our best practice:

  • Please follow YouTube’s terms and conditions.
  • Offer a gift that relates to your brand: you want to appeal to more than just freebie seekers.

However, you should be careful about hosting frequent YouTube contests. Make sure your efforts are resulting in results; otherwise, you’ll waste time, money, and resources. Wait a while after a contest and analyze your subscriber drop-off rate and engagement. You could just be attracting people who want free prizes if you don’t bring in engaged subscribers.

 Encourage viewers to follow your series

The best way to promote your YouTube channel is to create a specific video series that focuses on a recurring theme or topic.

 Embed your YouTube videos

It is possible to promote your YouTube channel outside of YouTube itself.

As an example, video content has been proven to boost conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Embed videos on product pages and blog posts (like the one below) to keep visitors engaged.

Don’t forget: any opportunity you can use to drive traffic to YouTube from your website (or social media!) is a plus.

 Collaborate with other creators and brands

To grow their followings, some of the biggest YouTube stars collaborated with other users. Collaborations give you exposure to new audiences. Plus, these new viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel since they already know, like and trust the content creator.

Finding the right partner is the key to a successful YouTube collaboration. So that your video appears authentic, you should collaborate with content creators who share the same passions as you. 

 Run a paid YouTube ad campaign

You can always get more exposure through YouTube ads since marketing, in general, is increasingly pay-to-play. There are several ad formats available on YouTube:

  • Display ads appear in the right-hand sidebar of videos and are only available on desktops.
  • Ads that appear at the bottom of videos are called overlay ads. 
  • There are skippable and non-skippable video ads that appear before, during, or after a video. Non-skippable ads have to be watched all the way through before they can be skipped after five seconds.
  • The viewer must watch bumper ads in order to watch the video. 
  • Cards that get displayed within relevant videos are sponsored cards. It’s an excellent way to promote your products.

Use an existing video for your campaign creatives or create something new for a specific campaign. Utilizing an existing video has the advantage of allowing you to select a clip you know has worked before. Paying for ads can amplify the results of a video that already has a lot of organic views and engagement.

On the other hand, creating a new video for your ads will give you more control over the content. If you want to direct viewers to another video or landing page, you can include a specific call-to-action at the end of your ad. 

Regularly publish your YouTube content on social media

In terms of engagement and performance, video content dominates social media.

Therefore, you should regularly promote your YouTube channel to your social followers in order to get them to subscribe. If you post a video, let your followers know about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as soon as it goes live. For each social platform, you can also create snippets or previews that link to your latest work.

This concludes our guide to YouTube channel marketing!

Why Youtube Channel Is Important?

Having a small business requires constantly coming up with new ways to market your products and services to as many people as possible, all without breaking the bank.

If you use YouTube regularly as part of your marketing strategy, it can be a cost-effective way to grow your business.

As long as you educate, entertain and provide solutions to user problems, you can find a group of people who will become raving fans and customers on video-streaming platforms like YouTube.

If your followers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. By creating a YouTube channel for your brand, you can boost your followers’ trust. Building trust can be achieved by adding a personal touch to your video content and showing the “human” side of your company

Your Youtube channel can be a great platform to connect with industry influencers through interviews, and YouTube is an excellent platform for influencer marketing. 


Videos on YouTube are a fantastic way to convey information to your audience with less effort and to build strong audience loyalty. Additionally, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform to promote your expertise.

Make fantastic YouTube content and use the tips mentioned above to build a compelling YouTube channel and increase your YouTube subscribers.

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